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luciferlaughs: In 1954, Marilyn Reese Sheppard was found bludgeoned to death in her own bed by an unidentified instrument in Bay Village, Ohio. The bedroom walls were covered with blood and some of her husband’s items were missing from the house, which were later found in a canvas bag behind their home. Her husband, Sam Sheppard, claimed that he was sleeping in his daybed when he was suddenly awakened by his wife’s screams. He bolted up the stairs and into her bedroom to find what he described as a ‘’bushy-haired’’ intruder in there, and then he was knocked unconscious. When he regained consciousness, Sam chased the intruder out of the house all the way to the beach where they engaged in a brief quarrel before Sam was yet again knocked out. Their 7-year-old son was sound asleep in a bedroom adjacent to the murder scene during the incident. The media speculated that Sam was indeed the perpetrator, which influenced police to arrest him without any ground evidence. Although he was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison, he appealed his case and was acquitted in 1966. Later in life, Sam embarked on a wrestling career and wrestled over 40 matches before his demise in 1970.
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cryinghamster: “If one more person tells me that he is going to grow out of it, I think I’m going to lose my mind” Adam came off as odd and distant to his classmates during his time at Sandy Hook Elementary. Adam would spend recess alone “making animal noises,straining himself until his cheeks turned red.” Other classmates said Adam “scared the other kids and always seemed so angry.” One former Little League teammate recalled: “Some kids picked on him, making fun of him. He’d always get put in the outfield where he wouldn’t see a lot of action. I remember one time he was hit by a pitch that knocked him over. Someone said he couldn’t feel any pain so what’s it matter anyways and everyone kind of laughed. I felt kind of bad but he didn’t even try to fit in. He ignored all of us.” When Adam attended St.Rose of Lima for middle school, educators brought attention to disturbing graphic drawings Adam had made. These drawings were people in various stages of death. Adam’s mother, Nancy Lanza, explained to educators that Adam had Asperger’s syndrome and was struggling to fit in. Adam only lasted about eight weeks at the new catholic school. Nancy felt increasingly distraught on how to find help for Adam. Source
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congenitaldisease: In a gruesome instance of life imitating art, 29-year-old Mark Twitchell took his obsession with “Dexter” to a grim conclusion. On the 10th of October, 2008, Johnny Altinger, 38, told his friends that he was going to meet “Jen,” a woman he had been chatting with on the online dating website, PlentyofFish. Within days, however, his friends started to receive bizarre emails from him in which he explained the woman was taking him to Costa Rica. As their suspicions rose, his friends broke into his home and discovered his passport. The person that Altinger had been speaking to online wasn’t a woman at all but Twitchell, who had just recently wrote and directed a short movie that was eerily similar to the plot line of Dexter. In his film, the plot followed a man who was lured from an internet dating website to the house of a killer. Once there, the killer tapes the man to a table in the garage and kills him with a butcher knife. As it so transpired, his film was a practice run for a real murder with Johnny Altinger as the victim and Mark Twitchell as the killer. Just weeks beforehand, in fact, Twitchell had lured another man to his house by pretending to be a woman. When the man arrived, Twitchell came at him with a stun baton. Thankfully, he escaped. Altinger wouldn’t be so lucky… When Altinger arrived at Twitchell’s house, he received a message from “Jen” telling him to come into the garage where she would be waiting. Once inside, Twitchell appeared with a butcher knife and a heavy pipe. He bludgeoned Altinger with the pipe and then stabbed him to death. Twitchell then dismembered him and dumped his limbs and organs in a sewer. After the murder, he sat down at his laptop and stared to write a new story. It read: “This story is based on true events. The names and events were altered slightly to protect the guilty. This is the story of my progression into becoming a serial killer.” Twitchell was easily tracked down and when investigators searched his laptop, they discovered his grim story. In the story, Twitchell told of the death of Altinger and suggested he planned on killing each Friday. A search of his Facebook showed that Twitchell had a bizarre obsession with the fictional killer, Dexter, and even referred to himself as such. When presented with this information, the writer of Dexter said: “Reading Dexter will not make you a killer. If you are not already capable of killing another human being in a cold, cruel, deliberate way, no book ever written will make you capable of doing so. There are no magic words that will turn you into a psychopath.“ Mark Twitchell was found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.
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richardramirez-thenightstalker: ‘’ It is undefiled Wisdom instead of Hypocritical self-deceit. It is Power without charity. A Satanist admits to being Evil.’’ - Richard Ramirez about Satanism.
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luciferlaughs: Robert Pickton, also known as the “Pig Farm Killer”, was a former multi-millionaire pig farmer who was charged with the murders of seven women in British Columbia, Canada. Robert would lure his victims, who were prostitutes, to his farm where he would handcuff them, rape them, strangle or shoot them to death, bleed and gut them, run their corpse through a wood-chipper, and feed the remains to his pigs. Some of the human remains were grounded up and the resulting mince was mixed with pork mince from the farm and packaged to his friends and family. When police later searched his farm, they stumbled upon skulls stuffed with human hands and feet, teeth and jawbones, and bloody clothing. In jail, Robert confessed to an undercover police officer posing as a cellmate, “I was gonna do one more, make it an even 50. That’s why I was sloppy, I wanted one more. Make…make the big five-O.” This suggested that his victim count was as high as 49. Robert was convicted by the jury and is currently serving a life sentence.
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tedbundy: Ted Bundy was well-liked by many fellow death row inmates. James Doug McCray, who has been on death row for 14 years, and Bruno, who has been on death since October 1987 said they liked Bundy and enjoyed living in cells next to him. McCray lived next to Bundy for about two years, while Bruno was housed next to Bundy for six months. Bruno said he and Bundy would play handball together in the prison exercise yard, and Bundy always was respectful to Bruno’s relatives when they came to visit. Although the inmates never discussed Bundy’s cases with him, McCray and Bruno said they were surprised to hear him confess to being a killer. « I find it hard to believe — it’s not the same Ted Bundy, » Bruno said. « Even when he started confessing to all these things, I couldn’t believe it. » McCray found Bundy to be witty and bright rather than the killer he confessed to be.
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bundyspooks: “Dear Ann, Just returned from Brazil and found your letters piled up in my post office box here in Glenwood. Jesus, you must have thought I got lost in the jungles down there. I actually went down there to find out where the sons of bitches are hiding the 11 billion tons of coffee they say the bad weather destroyed. Didn’t find any coffee, but brought back 400 pounds of cocaine” A bizarre letter written by Ted Bundy to his friend and author, Ann Rule, during his time in jail.
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dahmer-renner: “When I first saw him he’d been in a hell of a fight with two officers and they both said he was no pussy. He was on the ground hogtied behind his back, blood was coming out of his mouth and he was whining. When we got into the interrogation room I forgot to take off my heater (gun). As he was talking he finally looked at the gun and said, looking me dead in the eye “Why dont you just kill me now?” -Detective Patrick Kennedy discussing his encounter with Jeffrey Dahmer
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a5xc: Rare picture of Kim De Gelder during his high school years On the 23rd of January 2009, Kim De Gelder committed a stabbing attack in a daycare center in Dendermonde, Belgium. Two infants and one adult were killed, ten other infants and two adults were injured. One week before the attack, Kim had murdered an elderly woman by stabbing her to death in her home. He was sentenced to life in prison. In high school, Kim studied social and technical sciences from 2000 to 2004. He then went on to study to become a pharmaceutical assistant from 2004 to 2006 and even did an internship at a local pharmacy. Former classmates of Kim described him as a very quiet guy, who sometimes got bullied. After graduating high school in 2006, Kim went to college to study nursing. It didn’t go well and he attempted suicide in November of 2006. Kim then decided to quit his studies in March of 2007 after he failed his internship at a hospital.
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lovely-loathsome: “Now, when I think of him at that point in his life, I see him caught in his own murderous fantasies, trapped in the memory of a murder he had already committed, barely able to connect to any other part of reality. For him, a sudden, uncontrollable act of violence and sexual mutilation had thrust any hope of an ordinary life into a world that was utterly beyond his grasp. How odd and unrealizable all my talk of college and careers must have struck him after that. My ambitions for him, the little strategies I suggested for getting his life on track, must have seemed like constructs from another planet; my system of values, built as it was on notions of work and family, like quaint, but incomprehensible artifacts from a vanished civilization.” –Lionel Dahmer, A Father’s Story
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yoursonsandyourhusbands: Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz as a baby with his mother Lynda 19 year old Nikolas Cruz’s massacre of 17 people began on Valentine’s Day at around 2:19 PM. It was at this time that Cruz was dropped off at the school by an Uber. He entered building 12 of the school via the east stairwell before exiting the stairwell and taking his AR-15 rifle out of its case. Wearing a gas mask and armed with smoke grenades, Cruz began firing at 2:21 PM. He fired into several classrooms in building twelve before heading up to the second floor and firing into another classroom. Cruz also set off a fire alarm that caused students to leave their classrooms and move through the hallways. Cruz killed three people outside the school and twelve inside. Two people later died in hospital as a result of their injuries. According to State Senator Bill Galvano, Cruz attempted to fire at fleeing students through school windows at one point but the high impact windows failed to shatter. After dropping his rifle and backpack Cruz left the school with other students. According to Sheriff Scott Israel, Cruz then ran across the school’s tennis courts before heading south. He then visited a Walmart and purchased a drink from a branch of Subway before sitting down in a McDonald’s restaurant. By this point emergency services were responding to the shooting and the Broward Sheriff department urged people to avoid the school due to reports of an active shooter. Nikolas Cruz was eventually arrested “without incident” at 3:41 PM in Coral Springs which is approximately one mile away from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The shooting ultimately proved to be the deadliest school shooting in the United States of America since the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting which left 28 dead (including the perpetrator and his mother).
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anatomicdeadspace: Craig Price was only 13 years old in 1987 when he committed his first murder, when he targeted a 27 year old neighbour - breaking into her home and stabbing her 58 times with a kitchen knife, killing her. He was not apprehended for this crime, and as a result was able to go on and commit a further three murders two years later. In this crime he again targeted a neighbour’s home, where he stabbed Joan Heaton a total of 57 times. He then moved on to Joan’s daughter, stabbing 10 year old Jennifer 62 times and crushing the skull of 8 year old Melissa. The crimes were brutal and vicious, and in the second murder they were committed under the influence of both marijuana and LSD. Price gained the nickname the ‘Warwick Slasher’ as a result of his crimes, and his case resulted in a heated debate about the laws surrounding the sentencing of minors. Price was under the age of 16 when he was arrested, meaning that he was tried and convicted as minor, significantly reducing the maximum sentence he could receive. Despite this the substantial amount of violence that Price committed while incarcerated meant that he was not released on his 21st birthday - as his original sentence dictated - but instead means that he is next release date is in 2020.
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