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anatomicdeadspace: Craig Price was only 13 years old in 1987 when he committed his first murder, when he targeted a 27 year old neighbour - breaking into her home and stabbing her 58 times with a kitchen knife, killing her. He was not apprehended for this crime, and as a result was able to go on and commit a further three murders two years later. In this crime he again targeted a neighbour’s home, where he stabbed Joan Heaton a total of 57 times. He then moved on to Joan’s daughter, stabbing 10 year old Jennifer 62 times and crushing the skull of 8 year old Melissa. The crimes were brutal and vicious, and in the second murder they were committed under the influence of both marijuana and LSD. Price gained the nickname the ‘Warwick Slasher’ as a result of his crimes, and his case resulted in a heated debate about the laws surrounding the sentencing of minors. Price was under the age of 16 when he was arrested, meaning that he was tried and convicted as minor, significantly reducing the maximum sentence he could receive. Despite this the substantial amount of violence that Price committed while incarcerated meant that he was not released on his 21st birthday - as his original sentence dictated - but instead means that he is next release date is in 2020.
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truecrimecrystals: Ashanti Billie (19) disappeared during the early morning hours of September 18th, 2017. On that morning, Ashanti left her Virginia Beach apartment at 4am to head to work at a Blimpie’s restaurant located on a naval base in Norfolk, Virginia. Surveillance footage shows Ashanti’s ID being checked by a guard as her car enters through one of the base’s security gates at 4:56am. Roughly 30 minutes later, the footage shows Ashanti’s car exiting the base through the same gate. Ashanti never showed up for her 6am shift, where she was expected to open up the shop. Co-worker Andrew Estrada called Ashanti’s phone at 9am looking for her. The phone was answered by a construction worker who tells Andrew that he found the phone in a construction dumpster in a nearby location off base. Ashanti was reported missing shortly after. On September 23rd, 2017, Ashanti’s car was found under a street lamp at the end of a cul du sac in Norfolk. The windows were rolled halfway down and the car was reportedly “carelessly parked.” Additionally, Ashanti’s pants were found inside the car, and they were covered with dirt and debris; consistent with them being removed while on the ground. Massive searches in the areas where Ashanti’s phone and car were found turned up no clues to whereabouts. On September 29th, 2017, Ashanti’s body was found behind a church in Charlotte, North Carolina—over 300 miles (an estimated 5+ hour drive) away from where she disappeared in Virginia. The discovery of her body left more questions than answers. To name just a few: if her car and other belongings were found in Norfolk, how did she end up in Charlotte? Who brought her there? Was she dead or alive when she was transported there? Over a month later on November 8th, 2017, some of these questions were answered when investigators announced that they had arrested retired Navy veteran Eric Brian Brown (45) for kidnapping and murdering Ashanti. Investigators said that they believed Brown had kidnapped Ashanti as she arrived for work on the morning of September 18th and killed her shortly after. Witnesses reported seeing Ashanti’s vehicle on September 18th near the location where her phone was found. Witnesses in Charlotte also report seeing Ashanti’s vehicle on September 18th, near the church were her body was found over a week later. Brown apparently had ties to this church; he attended vacation Bible school there while growing up. After Brown’s arrest, Ashanti’s co-workers spoke out about their previous interactions with him. Brown was apparently homeless but had been helping out with construction on the naval base. He had been spending nights at various locations throughout the base. According to Ashanti’s co-worker Ny’Rabia White (20), Brown had come into the Blimpie’s where they worked on numerous occasions. He payed special attention to the female employees there, including Ashanti. Ny’Rabia said Brown would often ask the girls about where they were living, or whether or not they had boyfriends. Brown is currently in custody in another state while he undergoes evaluation to determine whether or not he is competent to stand trial. Updates will be provided as they come.
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chinesetruecrime: There’s a reason why parents always say to be careful to who you talk to on the internet. Huang Yong is one of those reasons. Between 2001-2003, Huang lured 17 teenage boys from the internet to come to his house. He promised them money or gifts to trick his victims. After drugging and raping the boys, he strangled them with a rope. Huang’s terror was stopped when 16 year old Zhang Liang reported him to the police after being attacked at his house. Zhang states that Huang confessed to 25 murders, but he was convicted of only 17 counts of murder on December 9, 2003. Soon after, on December 26, 2003, Huang was executed by a gunshot wound to the head.
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sixpenceee: Stanford Prisoner Experiment Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford prisoner experiment took place in the 1970s. The psychiatrist took 24 undergraduates and assigned them roles as either prisoners or guards, in a mock prison on campus. After just a few days, 1/3 of the guards exhibited sadistic tendencies, two prisoners had to be removed early due to emotional trauma, and the whole experiment only lasted six of the planned 14 days. It showed just how easily normal individuals can become abusive, in situations where it is encouraged. Source: Stanford University & i09
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damn-dahmer: This is the grand finale of a life poorly spent… Jeffrey Dahmer May 21, 1960 - November 28, 1994
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unexplained-events: 1929 Studebaker Hearse used for the funeral of children
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theblooodcountess: South African serial killer Cameron Wilson moments before he was sentenced to four life terms and 71 years behind bars. Wilson, who raped, stoned and burned one of his victims and stabbed his final victim 98 times, laughed and taunted his victims’ families during his sentencing, shouting “At least I’m still alive!” before police escorted him away.
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congenitaldisease: Indiana’s Most Brutal Killer - Steven Timothy Judy Steven Timothy Judy’s childhood was nothing short of horrific. It was a nightmare of violence, sex, pornography, incest, alcohol and crime. As a child, Judy burned down a neighbour’s garage and stabbed a classmate with a compass. When he was 10-years-old, Judy started to push high-school girls to the ground and molest them. He was caught during the act several times but would always be released back into the custody of his parents. As he grew older, his attacks became more vicious. When he was 13-years-old, he knocked on a woman’s door pretending he was a Boy Scout. Once inside, he pulled out a knife and raped the young woman. After he was finished, he stabbed Emig numerous times with such force the knife broke in her sternum. This was only the beginning of his sadistic rampage. READ MORE
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luciferlaughs: The day after 11-year-old Mary Bell strangled 4-year-old Martin Brown to death, she described the crime scene in her school journal. The second photo is the actual writing of Mary when she and her friend, Norma, broke into and vandalized a nursery and left notes that claimed responsibility of the killing. Police dismissed the incident as a mere prank.
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dahmersnotebook: Ed Kemper was incarcarated in Atascadero Hospital for five years as a teenager, and would listen to extremely graphic stories about rape and murder during group therapy sessions. These recollections fed Kempers own fantasies about sexual assault and murder, and he resolved not to make the same mistakes his fellow inmates did by leaving abundant evidence behind and the victims alive.
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luciferlaughs: A horrifying drawing by child killer Jon Venables, drawn only weeks before he and Robert Thompson brutally murdered 2-year-old James Bulger.
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anatomicdeadspace: Grossly, the cerebral infarction at the upper left in this image, in the distribution of the middle cerebral artery, demonstrates liquefactive necrosis. Eventually, the removal of the dead tissue leaves behind a cavity.
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fromrussiawithcrime: 7 February, 2018, Moscow oblast. Bodies of 29-year-old Alina and her husband, 33-year-old Alexey were found in the apartment they lived in. Both of them had their throats slit. Near them was their crying 4 days old baby girl that had her head injured and was badly overcooled. The apartment was locked inside that suggested to police that this wasn’t a double murder and it’s a murder-suicide. Alexey was visiting psychiatrist for a while because of troubles with land that the family just bought and investigators believe that the birth of his child made him snap, kill his wife and then commit suicide.