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proxie-of-the-art: FREE HONG KONG Use w/ or w/o credit, just spread! This mouse will be the face whether Disney likes it or not
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solarpunkarchivist: sanscarte: branwyn-says: lifehacksthatwork: Signs of a heart attack are different for each gender yet we only really teach the male warning signs. Make sure you’re aware of both and spread it to as many other women as possible! EVERY SINGLE TIME I HAVE TAKEN A CPR CLASS I have had to be that person who points out that the training videos ALWAYS frame the “male” symptoms as the default universal heart attack experience, while the “female” symptoms are framed as though they’re a deviation from the norm, rather than the primary symptom set that cis women experience. ALSO: I just showed this post to my roommate, who is an MD at a clinic that specializes in care for the LGBT community in the Baltimore area. I asked her whether hormones were responsible for the difference in the “male/female” symptom arrays. I asked how that would apply to her trans patients (which, she treats a LOT of trans patients). She said, basically, that the longer you’ve taken testosterone the more likely you are to get the intense chest pressure and the arm pain, versus the upper back pressure and shortness of breath. Obviously I am not a doctor myself, consult your own health care provider, etc. Reblogging this comment because this is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever seen someone address what XYZ medical condition would look like in trans patients. Also this is partly why my great-grandma died: the (male) doctor dismissed her heart attack as basically indigestion, because she didn’t have the typical male symptoms. Oh my God someone was able to answer the trans patient question!
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thechekhov: ebonykain: isa-ghost: twitblr: 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 This is one of the most adorable Pride posts I’ve ever seen Scheduling this to reblog on the day before National Coming Out Day (Oct 11th). Because if your aren’t ready yet, for any reason, that is your right to not come out yet. If YOU are out but have a friend who is NOT, it is not your right to out them. Respect their wishes, respect their safety, respect their health. Encouraging your friends by promising to stand with them when they come out: Good. Bullying your friends by saying they owe it to the LGBTQIA+ community to come out: Bad. It’s okay if someone isn’t ready yet. As someone who was outed against my will LONG before it was safe for me to be out to my family, I’m gonna say this as loudly as I can: You don’t HAVE to come out! To anyone! You don’t owe it to anyone. Nothing is more important than your safety. If it’s better for your situation to stay closeted, please do that! Coming out should be a personal decision. It should be a choice you make because you feel you will be happier for it. It should be something you do when you believe it will enrich your life.
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dopeluminarydreamer: the-future-now: That’s Louis Rossman, a repair technician and YouTuber, who went viral recently for railing against Apple. Apple purposely charges a lot for repairs and you either have to pay up or buy a new device. That’s because Apple withholds necessary tools and information from outside repair shops. And to think, we were just so close to change. Follow @the-future-now Reblog if you: Have an iPhone and are in need of repairs Have a friend with that problem Hate Apple and are more than happy to spite them in some way No one will know which is it
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infernoking: valtharr: positivelydetectivecomics: cenobitic-anchorite: positivelydetectivecomics: real-jaune-isms: malicemanaged: seelcudoom: wetwareproblem: closetskeleton666: spoonie-sone: mogifire: Harley & Ivy This is why I love them! Harley is an abuse survivor of course she’d wreck this dude!!! Can I just say how much I love the implications here? Harley and Ivy are known public figures. People know who they are, and recognize them. And this kid knows that, despite being violent criminals, they’re safe enough to go to for protection. Ivy is dead certain that the Batfamily will be okay with them intervening to protect a kid. That has some intersting implications - either she knows damn well where the lines lie and that this is overriding enough to get her a pass, or (more likely, given the first bit) this has come up before. one of my favorite tropes is villains acting heroically not because the other villain is a threat to them or because it benefits them, but because they have standards ^^^ That’s the good shit right there Always reblog protector Harley and Ivy I think this illustrates that there is sometimes a separation between the types of villains. There are some villains who have little to no redeeming qualities like Joker and then you have what’s shown in this panel. Two of the most infamous villains with the mindset of, “Wait a minute! No, you don’t hurt children! They’re off limits!” This (official) story is in the anthology series Batman: Black and White. Fourth volume of the series, third issue, printed 2013. Written by Paul Dini himself and drawn by Stephane Roux. and it has an even happier ending! I love this???? Thanks for adding the ending! fuck, now I’m crying @thefingerfuckingfemalefury @between-stars-and-waves @big-cheesy-productions @parisiangiraffe @amyc0splays @brookietf @drukhari @xxautumnivyxx