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nightmargin: Here’s another exciting round of “I hope the internet doesn’t blow up”! Rumor has it that you use the language of MONEY you might get people’s attention faster, so here goes nothing… Call your reps: Fax your reps: text ‘resist’ to 50409, follow instructions Send stern email to the FCC: Ajit Pai : Michael O'Rielly: Brendan Carr: (You can use my template (3rd image) if you want, just swap out the name and state and whatever else applies to your business model. Make it personal!)
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monet-kid: my room is something in between messy and cute but it works 4 me ig: monetluv
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laterdayyeats: Arts and Crafts British painter Frank Brangwyn - swans in gorgeous autumn foliage dappled with light
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unlimitedgoats: buzzfeed: This Guy Met His Groomsman IRL For The First Time On His Wedding Day After 15 Years Of Playing Xbox Together THIS IS THE KIND OF WHOLESOME CONTENT IM TRYNA SEE
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c0ssette: An Allegory of Fame and an Allegory of Virtue (detail) Sirani Elisabetta, 1638-1665.