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magicbubblepipe: techs-mechs: robot lobster why
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reluctantpaladin: kenobi-wan-obi: bouncingdodecahedrons: Carl telling us how (not) to science. “conclusion: dinosaurs” is still my favorite rebuttal to just about anything tbh. Loved this man.
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victoriousvocabulary: EOAN [adjective] of or relating to the dawn or the east. Etymology: from Latin eous, from Greek ēōios, from ēōs, “dawn, goddess of the dawn”. - Original: Amy Sol
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magicalboye: icecoldtea: Filipino Pixar characters! FILIPINO PIXAR CHARACTERS! [banging on kalderos and kawalis] Pixar short film “Float” written and directed by Fil-Am Bobby Rubio is going to have Filipino lead characters! Salamat Kuya Bobby! I don’t think y'all non-filipinos understand how big this is. I can name on one hand how many filipino characters I know in western media and only one of those is animated and targeted towards kids (god bless steven universe). So for a major company to do something like this is amazing. Last time I was this excited was when that family was talking in tagalog for that spaghetti commercial. Anyways my filipino ass is so excited my mom is gonna freak out when she sees this god bless we are finally getting the representation we deserve.
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indiefanficchica: furiouslyfeminist: Someone finally recognized him
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anthropologist-on-the-loose: sleepyheadkl: Tornado I want every non-Midwesterner to know that we are drilled in tornado safety from a young age and know exactly what we should do to keep ourselves safe. And yet we do exactly as pictured in the bottom image every time a tornado comes around.