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oh-snap-pro-choice: isa-ghost: sassy-in-glasses: blewis50: demzeo: msmkcreates: beanniebenn: systlin: tikkunolamorgtfo: unoriginal6669: micdotcom: With some of this stuff it’s hard to tell if it’s ironic detachment or genuine racism, but at some point, what’s the f***king difference? Wtf is this? Anyone else never heard or seen any of these “racist code words”? this made no sense… is this satire? Sadly, no; I got called a “Skype promoting lies” last week for posting about how my congregation made support for Black Lives Matter an important component of our Rosh Hashanah services. And make no mistake—these white supremacists specifically chose “Skype” to be their word for Jews because of its linguistic similarity to “Kike.” The code words are a new but very real thing. The fact that these scum sucking fuckers chose, of all the runes, Algiz…which stands for protection from harm…as one of the ones they specifically use…fills me with seething rage. Get your white supremacy out of my futhark you fucking shitstains. am reblogging because i am legitimately clueless and want to help other clueless individuals who might spot these symbols and now be able to recognize and report/flag them and block individuals who knowingly use them FIRST THEY TOOK THE BUDDHIST SYMBOL OF PEACE AND NOW THEY’RE TAKING THE FUCKING TRIFORCE I’m beyond angry right now ugh My great grandparents didn’t sit through fucking internment camps in WWII for this Male your kids aware that bad people are using these things! Google, Yahoo, Skype. There is no room for “They’re too young” or “I don’t want to scare them” because I can guarantee the other side doesn’t have those reservations about their kids This is fucking terrifying They’re words used on Twitter and 4chan and some popped up on Tumblr. He’s making people aware of the symbols and words. Recognize them. I’m especially pissed about the Elder Futhark runes that were used, like what the fuck?? Why would they take symbols of peace and perfectly innocuous things and turns their meanings into something terrible and ugly?? It’s important to keep these symbols in mind, but remember to think of the context they’re used in. Some people may not know about these stolen symbol meanings, others might use these symbols for something else OR their original meaning. Not everyone who uses these is a white supremacist, they might just be unaware they were stolen or using them in their original context, not the shitty stolen one. Clowns and honk are one of them now. They’ll purposely twist the usage of something into a racist mockery and then act all surprised when people call it racist
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