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celepom: I’ll be touching on both of these again. Buy Me a Coffee! | Commissions Holy shit, that demi scale is so accurate it burns. If we are good friends, I almost certainly find you attractive and there is a 99.7% chance I would consider sleeping with you if the situation arose, regardless of gender. Also if I think you’re a really cool person and want to be friends, it more than likely comes off as a crush because friendship and attraction are so deeply tied up together for me. This is my life. :/
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My most recently acquired deck, formerly known as the Poisoncage Tarot by Rann. Decided to fancy up the edges and I’m very pleased with the results. :) Used Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Antique Linen for those who may be interested. Honestly I’ve modified quite a few of my decks (and some for others), so I’ll probably be posting more pics in the future. Mystical Manga Tarot by Rann, copyright Llewellyn 2017
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cunningcelt: brandx: #GettingNazisFired via Twitter: @YesYoureRacist If you recognize any of the Nazis marching in #Charlottesville, send me their names/profiles and I’ll make them famous #GoodNightAltRight https://twitter.com/YesYoureRacist/status/896744542329851904 Witches, do your duty. Curse these vile creatures. Bind their actions, their words, their thoughts. Protect humanity from this evil.
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corvinnia: what does @daughter-of-the-blood need to know? There seems to be a moment you’re pausing for. You have been debating with yourself. It seems all the information you’ve been collecting to make an informed decision is making your mind feel like your thoughts have been scattered to to the four winds. However with all this waiting, you have been creating a good foundation to grow in, Intuition can out weigh self doubt and allow you to over power the fears your mind (or other sources, but I’m getting heavy emphasis on MIND from the 6) have been creating. No matter what dark thoughts have been whispering to you, the effort to succeed is a part of your very being. Let your nature cut the legs out from under those dark thoughts. I found another pic of that six of pentacles online cause I think the symbols are really, you’ve got to see them Daughter. those are all rocks but He’s really standing in the mind. This is definitely reassuring. My school related work has been on pause for a bit due to a lot of personal factors, but I’m hoping to finally get back into things soon. I’ve almost wondered if everything has fallen out of my head by this point, but gods I want to be done and put this nonsense behind me. Thank you for the reading! And yes, you can absolutely see ze little grey cells milling about in that 6 of Pentacles.
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divinecrossroads: DivineCrossroads Divination is holding a Summer Sale! ○ Click HERE to visit my Storenvy, where any purchases of 15.00$** or more will automatically apply a 17% discount! This sale ends September 22nd, 2017 at 6 PM EST! ** Does not apply to the Fractured Lights Oracle deck… BUT ○ Using the code FLOD15, for a limit of 20 codes, you can purchase the Fractured Lights Oracle deck at 15.00$ off! Did I need another oracle deck? No, probably not. But this one yelled at me and it’s on sale so I guess that’s that. :/
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nicstoirm: rosaofswords: oceanwildatelier: May Tarot Challenge!! @divination.challenges Just please remember to #oceanwildatelier or @oceanwildatelier so I can see all the journeys first hand. #tarotchallenge #myfirsttarotchallenge #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram This is the other challenge I am doing for May. :D I think I might pick matching/similar decks for this and Shadows of May. Ooo same @rosaofswords!
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alethiomancer: thecrackedamethyst: It’s been all fun and games with me and my tarot cards, but lately I’ve been craving some depth. Some darkness. Some shadow work. And while that’s not very May-esque, shadows don’t confine themselves to darkness, now do they? So here is a little challenge if you would like to join in with me. I’ll be using tarot, but oracle cards will work just as well, or a combination therein. Most of the days will be one card pulls, but there are some two and three card questions as well. Feel free to pull more cards if desired. Many of the questions ask “why” as well as the main question. For the “why” questions, I like to look at the card on the bottom of my deck for the answer. Feel free to share or do this in private, everyone has their own needs when it comes to personal insights, I’m not going to tell you what to do with yours. Use the tag #shadow of may if you would like to share with us. Starts May 1st. How do I feel about the idea of “love”? How do I express love? How do I treat others | How do I treat myself? What does “self love” mean to me? How am I right now? What am I thinking and feeling? How is my environment? How do I feel about being alone? Why? What can solitude help me with? How do I feel about solitude | How do I feel about loneliness? What three things makes me happy? What is limiting my happiness? Why? How do I deal with criticism? Where do I gain my confidence? What do I minimize about myself? What do I flaunt? How do I perceive pain? How do others’ pain affect me? How do I feel about death? What has been conditioned in me about death? How can I embrace death? What provokes me to anger? Why? How do I show hate? What is the root of my hatred? What is my hatred to my energy levels? How do I express myself? What three things do I most value? What is my direction in life? What is my purpose? How do I feel about my accomplishments? What makes me feel fulfilled? How can I learn from my mistakes? How do I listen? How do I speak? What do I need to explore? Aaaaand this is the challenge that I need to keep testing Tarot Doré
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allecadabra: Entity Check In Reading by Allec Guire Client Melody ( @daughter-of-the-blood ) Order #(Free Reading) April 18th, 2017 Client Comments: Entity is Inari Ōkami, checking on including them in my practice recently Deck: Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck Cards: [1] [2] [3] [4] 1) How this entity views you? Ten of Swords 2-3) Feedback from this entity: Judgement and Queen of Swords 4) Based on the feedback, a task this entity has for you: King of Wands Jumper Card: The Fool Keep reading @nicstoirm I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond to this, but this week has been a bit ridiculous. Rambly feedback ahoy! <!-- more --> First of all, thank you so much for doing this reading. That Ten of Swords is…unfortunately accurate. This past year and a half have been incredibly rough, both mentally and physically - I have been struggling with an unexpected and overwhelming combination of depression and anxiety while trying to finish my Master’s degree, and the semi-recent shift in U.S. politics has left me with little hope for a career in my field after I finally manage to graduate. I’ve decided to keep going and finish anyway, just because I would regret walking away when I’m so so close, but the inspiration to actually write my thesis has practically dried up. The information is there, in my brain and in my notes, but with everything looking so bleak it hardly seems to matter like it did before. And it’s seriously made me question whether or not I should bother trying to continue in this vein or try something completely new. Which brings me to the messages you received. Like I said, I’ve been feeling that something needs to change for a while now. I guess where I’m a bit stuck is: Am I supposed to change directions entirely, or am I supposed to change my perspective/actions while still pursuing what I’ve been doing this whole time? It’s been so hard to tell whether my concerns about my career are justified enough to leave everything behind or if they’re mostly a product of self-doubt. I do have other creative skills and things I’m interested in, so it’s not like I don’t have options. I’m just not sure whether I’d rather be doing those things because it’s a path I should consider or if it’s simply because I DON’T want to be doing my thesis. :/ Either way, though, I’m glad to hear that Inari Ōkami seems not to mind my reaching out to Them. I’ve studied Japanese language and culture since high school, but the decision to incorporate Shinto practices is very recent and had me a little nervous despite how right it felt. It’s nice to find encouragement on the other side, and I will do my best to heed the advice Inari Ōkami offered.
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Day 19. The Aries Spread: For the last day of this sign, pull a card each for the four stars of the Aries constellation. These will represent Passion (something to pour your heart into), Impulse (something to follow your gut on), Optimism (something to lift your spirits), and Aggression (something frustrating to work on). Using the Idiosyncradeck Tarot by Cracked Amethyst because it’s new and I can’t sleep. :D Passion: The Magician - Make something beautiful, something that is uniquely yours. Impulse: Death - Know when to move on; leave the past behind and grow from it. Optimism: The Devil - The web is of your own design; change it as you see fit. Aggression: King of Swords - Don’t be impatient; be tactical, cutting.
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corvinnia: For @avillageofcards April Fool Tarot Challenge. Day 19. The Aries Spread: For the last day of this sign, pull a card each for the four stars of the Aries constellation. These will represent Passion (something to pour your heart into), Impulse (something to follow your gut on), Optimism (something to lift your spirits), and Aggression (something frustrating to work on). Passion - 7 of Plumes What I’m pouring my heart into is a solitary study. I have no issues being alone in the woods as long as I have my tools with me. It is a bumpy sojourn since I am still learning how to use some of them. Impulse - King of Bones There may be some issues with holding still or an illness. Your first impulse is the desire to keep still. Need to be careful with possible problems that may develop with stagnation. Be aware. Optimism - Knight of Plumes (swords) While it may not always seem like it. Things are moving, changing. Progress is still happening. Aggression - God of Bones (Ace of Pentacles) A personal wall that you know is there is staring you down. Its like the elephant in the room and the attempt to deal with it have been frustrating. This is still factoring into on going matters. The Wooden Tarot by A.L. Swartz © A.L. Swartz, skullgarden.net Used with permission. Hmm, an interesting spread! (And also a timely appearance from the Wooden Tarot lol.) May have to do this later…
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