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the-station-dev: Here’s the image which appears as the banner in our blog! -Mod Kat Hey everyone! I’ve started a new project. It will be a webcomic, which I’ll be the artist for. If you want to go check it out, follow the blog I reblogged this from!
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halstride: melonmemes: For all those who served @doctorwhooian REMEMBER THAT ONE TIME DJCJCJFJF FRICC YEAH I REMEMBER THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN.
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aureritart: aureritart: Hey there humans !! It’s me and I’m here to tell you that I now offically open commissions ! To make it a bit nicer I named my Simple Colour (no Background, pretty simple) commissions Daisy and my Full Colour (Background, more detailed shading) Lily ! You can, of Course, contact me here on Tumblr too ! Please read my Do’s and Don’ts before commissioning me ! Also, please Keep in mind that I work in my own pace. E-mails about updates on your commission are welcome and perfectly fine ! *The Prices may Change if you want more complex Scenes, ask for several drawings (quantity Discount after 4+ drawings), etc. Every Change will be discussed beforehand. Reblog this again because I really need the support to get through August ✨Just get the message out there that I’m still taking commissions and that they’re really appreciated right now I also would do short ‘comics’ like my flower!Au panels!
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cryptiboy: lizardtitties: mortiferamorphasmus: polyxxena: Yeah… this is abuse. The stranger with the styrofoam cup is correct. I found the article, it’s as bad as you think it is: “Being a psycho girlfriend is a unique kind of power that says A) you have absolute control over your happiness, even the happiness that comes from another person, and B) you’re pretty. When your boyfriend lets you get away with some next level crazy girl shit, he’s essentially saying that you’re pretty and he loves you. And sometimes you need to hear those things by any means necessary. So if you’re in a pinch, you should have some go-to fights to start, just for fun!” hey everyone! if you so does literally any of these things, especially for the reasons listed in this ass backwards article, they are abusing you. do not stay with abusers.
#signal boost #oh god i read the article and its so terrible #why would you want to fight with your so just to see ‘how much you can get away with’? #thats a surefire way to break a relationship