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#friendly reminder my beautiful friends: #everything will be okay!!! #things will always GET better #things might feel really rough #maybe you don't know why everything feels so rough #maybe you don't know how to fix things #but i promise you that you will be okay #things will be okay #you will have hard days and you will have easy days #and i swear there will be so many more easy days on the way #you deserve such amazing things #you deserve to be happy and feel relaxed and safe #and you will #you will look back on these dark days and be so thankful you made it through #you will be so proud of yourself #and you should be!!! #you deserve all the happiness that this planet can you give and it can give you so much!!! #it WILL give you so much #i promise you #don't overthink those silly things #focus on the positivity #and i promise you #it will be okay #you will be okay #and i will be with you #no matter what my beautiful friends #xx #delete later
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disneybound: OMG! How cute is the Disney Princess loungewear in Ralph Breaks The Internet?! Un-Follow Me Now, This Is Gonna Be the Only Thing I Tweet About For The Next Week. Ive Wanted This For Years Fuck. What The Fuck.
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athosdivine: fearlesschildhood: You fucking salmon… Salmon is now officially the pinnacle of insults.
#heLLO FRIENDS #I AM HERE #so!!!!! #things were happening #not so great things!! but for the first time in a long time #i feel A+ #i've felt like a salmon for a long time #but no longer #we are going to accomplish our dreams TOGETHER #you and me!!! all of you are so talented #i see your blogs and your writing and edits and thoughts #and it think wow!!! #this is my friend who is so talented #how did i get so lucky to be in their life??? #and i am!! so many of you #almost 69000 friends #how did i get that lucky?? i will never know!! #i will never know what i did to deserve you #but guess what honey!! we're going to do so much #we're going to do what we were put here to do!!! our dreams are going to come true #you have so much potentinal #all of you #you are so so so talented and important and you don't realise it #so many of you have these abilities and talents to make the world so much better #and spread so much more love and kindness #you can do that!!! you might not even realise #but i see it #i see in your blog posts #in your tags #in your asks
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positive-memes: You’re thinking too much, stop it
#!!!! #FOR ALL OF YOU I LOVE YOU #your friends are your friends because they love you and care about you #i know sometimes you can make yourself think otherwise! #you freak out and think they don't want you around #or that you're annoying them #but you're not!!! #they're your friends for a reason!!! #talk to them! #tell them how you feel #explain what worries you #tell them whats going on #don't bottle things up and hurt yourself and suffer alone #believe me! #i have done it! #i'm still doing it because i'm a silly girl!!!! #but i promise you #your friends care so much #and if you're on your own right now #and you don't have someone you call a friend #i promise you #they will come when you least expect it #you will meet people who make you feel safe and loved and take care of you #and you will take care of them and make them feel just as safe and loved #i have been there #i have been so alone #i have found the loves of my life in the loneliest moments #and in the strangest ways #so please remember that!!! hope is your friend when no one else is #and i am always gonna be here for you
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#hello friends!!! #i will delete this later !!!! hwoever #this week has been very busy! i am so sorry for not being here as much #but i read every single one of your messages #every single comment #and tag #and i am so blessed to have you in my life #i am so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing and support people #i can never thank you enough for all of the love and kindness you lend to me #i love reading through your blogs #i love seeing your personalities slip through your messages #each one is so unique to each individual person and that's so amazing to witness #i cannot fathom how i have 68000 friends #i can't understand it #i don't deserve any of you but i am so so so grateful for your existence #i am so thankful you're alive #i can't wait to see the wonderful things you're going to do with your life #i will be there every step of the way #to see you achieve your dreams #even when it gets rough #when it feels like things aren't meant to be #and you don't think you can take it anymore #please remember i am here #and i believe in you #i will always believe in you #and i am always here if you need me #thank you so much for having me #you are wonderful xxx #also this post is 2 real 4 me goodBYE hahaha
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constable-frozen: Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 Clear Your Schedules boys, because I Am Going to Die in 172 days
#I AM SO EXCITED!!!! #AURORA SAYS A MEAN LINE IN THIS #AND FIST BUMPS CINDERELLA #omg #i'm so happy for her #it's been 4 years and now #she will be #in canon!!!! #as she is #in my silly world #i love her #she has changed my life #and let me meet all of you #she has given me so much #i am so excited #i am ready #thank you so much #i will write more later!!!! ahhhhhhhhh i love you all thank you so much for putting up with me xxx
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ladyananas: dopeybeauty: buckreblogs: Hey op do you take constructive criticism on your posts sure go ahead!!!! its very good a++ material !!! thank!!!
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littlehobbit13: blackbirdsigh: rosesarered-violetsarenot: dopeybeauty: today is March 14th, which is the anniversary of Howard Ashman’s premature death in 1991, 25 years ago. Ashman was the playwright and lyricist behind musical Little Shop of Horrors and responsible for the lyrics of many classic Disney songs, including every song from The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Ashman was one of the leading factors behind Disney’s continuation in making animated musicals. he would hold story meetings and explain that Disney’s animation style fit perfectly with the musical partnership of him and Alan Menken, and how necessary it was for Disney to continue animating musical films. he was also responsible for many casting choices, providing us with the voices we’ve come to adore today. Ashman and Menken won an Academy Award for The Little Mermaid. after finishing up on TLM, Ashman pitched the idea of Aladdin to Disney. Menken and Ashman wrote a group of songs for the film and were excited to work on it together. Ashman wrote a 40 page film treatment remaining faithful to the plot and characters of the original story. however, during Ashman’s early creation of Aladdin, Disney approached Ashman and Menken in a desperate plea to help save the production of Beauty and the Beast, which was going nowhere as a non-musical film. Ashman, who wanted to focus on Aladdin and his health, reluctantly agreed. on the night that Ashman and Menken won their Oscar for The Little Mermaid, Ashman told Menken they needed to have an important talk, where Ashman revealed he was HIV positive. he had been diagnosed in 1988 halfway through making TLM. as Ashman and Menken agreed to save Beauty and the Beast, animators had to go to Ashman’s home in New York to work but were not aware why. many animators thought the reason was Ashman being a ‘big shot’, but soon it became clear that he was seriously ill. he grew weaker, but remained productive and continued to write songs. on March 10th, 1991, Disney animators had their first screening of Beauty and the Beast. it was an enormous success. afterward, they visited Howard in hospital. he weighed 80 pounds, had lost his sight and could barely speak. his mother showed animators that he was wearing a Beauty and the Beast sweatshirt. the animators told him that the film was incredibly well received by the press and described to him how the screening went. he nodded appreciatively to the news. as everyone said their goodbyes, producer Don Hahn leaned over to Howard and said “Beauty and the Beast is going to be a great success. Who’d have thought?” to which Ashman replied, “I would have.” four days later, Ashman died at age 40 due to complications from AIDS. Beauty and the Beast is dedicated to him: “To our friend Howard, who gave a mermaid her voice and a beast his soul, we will be forever grateful.” Aladdin went through drastic changes from Ashman’s original concept and of the 18 songs he and Menken wrote together, only 3 made it into the film. Menken, however, continued to work on the film and finished his songwriting partner’s beloved project after Ashman’s death. Aladdin was released in theatres on November 25th, 1992 to worldwide acclaim. without Howard Ashman, “Under The Sea” and “Part of Your World” would not exist. Beauty and the Beast would not exist, for Menken and Ashman saved the project. the Disney renaissance might not have existed, and movies like The Princess and the Frog and Frozen would not exist, as Disney would not have continued making animated musical films without Ashman’s contributions. today, we should all appreciate this man’s hard work and the sacrifices he made to create such wonderful musicals! pasts, presents and futures would not be the same without his ideas, because so many childhoods would not have been influenced by his works!! he changed the world of animation with his lyrics, and that is an amazing thing to think about!!! he gave up his beloved project of Aladdin to save Beauty and the Beast, and it became the first animated movie to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture!!! and he did all of this while fighting for his life against an awful, awful illness!! how amazing is that?? Howard was survived by his partner Bill Lauch, and when Ashman was awarded his second Oscar posthumously for Beauty and the Beast, Lauch accepted the award in his stead. Howard was named a Disney Legend in 2001, a hall of fame program at The Walt Disney Company that recognises individuals who have made an extraordinary and integral contribution to The Walt Disney Company. today is the 25th anniversary of his death. thank you, howard ashman This is amazing 💕 26th Anniversary and still grateful ♡ 27th Anniversary, forever grateful
#hello my beauties #the last four days have been so very hard #for so many reasons that i will never bring all of you down with because this is supposed to be a happy place!! #but it has ben very very rough #and today #is howard's anniversary!!! #this amazing man #this amazing person!!! who was dealt such an awful situation #made something beautiful from it #without him #this blog would not be here!!! i would not be here!! #i wouldn't have met all you beautiful people who make me feel so loved and looked after #yes #this week might been one of the saddest i've had in a long time #but remembering what is important #remembering people like howard's who had the worst of the worst thrown upon them #but turned it into something gorgeous #makes us carry on through the hard times #thank you so much for everything you did mr ashman #and thank you for reminding me that the #most amazing things can be made during the saddest times #xx #delete later
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#hello my beautiful friends #this week has been a very sad and scary week #i try to avoid talking about rough times because they will never last and we should focus on the wonderful things instead #but i know that all of you have rough times too and i want you to know its ok #its okay to feel bad #its okay to feel lost #or scared or sad #sometimes there isnt an easy fix and sometimes you just have to feel #and thats okay!! you are still amazing #you are still going to do wonderful things and you are still going to live a beautiful life #because you are so much more than what you feel right now #and im not worried about either of us #we are going to be okay #i promise #i love you all so much and im so lucky to have you #i honestly #cant express how grateful i will always be to be in this position #thank you so much for everything!!! i love you all so much xx #delete later rambling
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today is the 29th of january, which is the 59th anniversary of sleeping beauty!!!! sleeping beauty released on january 29th, 1959 and aurora made her debut on this day fifty nine years ago!!! so she celebrates her 59th birthday today!! as many of my wonderful friends know, today is also coincidentally, my birthday!!! i am so lucky to be here with all of you for another year and i can never fully describe how much i adore you all i am so thankful everyday for each and every one of my followers and for every beautiful message i receive, i never imagined i would be in a position like this and be surrounded by so many beautiful people offering so much love to me, and being able to make people so happy with my edits is THE MOST amazing experience that i will never truly get over!! i could never ask for anything more i love all of you so much and i am so happy to spend my birthday with you, please stay safe today and remember how loved you are!! i am
#sleeping beauty #dopeybeauty #aurora #i've gotten OVER 2000!!! BIRTHDAY WISHES #WOW #that's so AMAZING!!! #i can't explain how loved i feel #from all of you #all the time every day #two days ago it was my wonderful friend's birthday!!! and he said his friends made him feel so lovely #and he made me feel lovely today #and now so did all of you!!! i am so blessed #i love you all so much xz
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whiskeywhitemage: kingdom hearts 4
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merry Christmas and happy holidays my beautiful friends!!!!! I do not often post real life things in case it’s unwanted but this year I was so very blessed with Disney and wanted to share with you all!!! I am so happy and almost cried when I was given these gifts!!! tea cup slippers!!! and aurora my head bitch whom I love so much and has changed my life you are all the sweetest and kindest people, everyday I am so thankful to have you all with me, every note and every like and every reblog means so much this last 3 months we got over 10000 new friends!!!!! there’s 62000 of you all here with me and I get so overcome with joy and happiness knowing that I saw a lot how much I love you all and sometimes it can feel like it’s lost its meaning but to me it never does!!! every time i get a message or an ask I get so excited and I am so lucky to receive as many as I do even if I cannot reply to each you have to know I have read every one at least twice and I treasure them all so much a lot of us have had a very tough year and I know I would be so lost without you all, being here for and with me!!! I am always going to be here for you no matter what so many of you are going to do amazing things next year!!! I see so much potential and hope and I’m so excited and proud of you all and I can’t wait to spend the next year with you I hope you had an amazing Christmas and happy holidays but even if you didn’t please don’t worry, you have so many days left to get it right and you will, I promise I love you all so much!!!! please be safe and kind this week and all weeks, my beautiful friends
#real life!!!!!! #dlete later xxx