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thedominantking: lil-sweet-as-sin: “Getting ready to go see Daddy for a night of endless pleasure. Finishing pulling up my stocking before I connect them to my garter belt. Under my dress a nice black lace bra and thong. One of Daddy’s favorite sets. Already dripping wet thinking of all the thing we are going to do to each other. I can’t wait to please him and have his taste on my tongue. I can’t wait for his lips to be on mine, them exploring my body as his hands wander. The feeling of his big thick hard cock inside me thrust in and out. Our moans calling out to one another while we are tangled in the sheets going for hours on end till we fall asleep in each others arms.” SAS 👑🌹 @thedominantking Soon Rose you will have al this and more princess. I want to dress you in exactly what I wanna rip off your perfect body later. I wanna watch you put every peace of your outfit together smiling admiring your curves like a beautiful work of art. You smirking at me asking me “Daddy can you help me with this garter belt” I’d smile get on one knee helping you as I look up telling you that its the best view in the world. Before smacking your big ass and kissing you deeply hungry for your lips biting your bottom lip. “Now get ready Rose I have a long night planned for the both of us. TDK @lil-sweet-as-sin
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