I love tattoo💉😍 Papa&Mama💕🔐 ▫️Aki egy embert öl meg, az gyilkos. Aki milliókat, az hódító▫️ Deep house, dark techno😍😍😍 Öngyilkosság 💉 A szüleidnek sose leszel jó 🙂 A❤️🔐

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damn-winnchester: ayame-tsukika: brokestudents: condensates: Okay this is funny but where’s the freakin link??? I need one of those cases STOP POSTING DOPE ASS PRODUCTS WITHOUT THE LINK YOU GUYS… I found that phone case online here and it has 30+ games built in like Tetris, Super Mario Bros, Contra, Donkey Kong, Star Force and more. Got mine on sale and with free shipping!! WHY IS ALL THE DOPE SHIT JUST FOR IPHONES