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bee-cowboy: closet-keys: …what the fuck is Tumblr doing right now?? why is this woman’s face the background between posts on my dash??? That’s Ms. Tumblr
#lets break tumblr
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peoplemask: therealjambery: ultrafacts: (Fact Source) Click HERE for more Ultrafacts I am so excited to know how much, exactly, a buttload is. essential life information
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apardonablemonomania: madamebomb: loloftheday: bjorng I burst out laughing. BJORNG.
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flapjacques: sushinfood: fawnsmosh: tramampoline: delcat: arcanime: hey, if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make a gif but doing it traditionally in photoshop is too hard, you should look at this. gifcam is an app designed to make making gifs easy. all you have to do to record a gif is size the window and hit record. it has a built in editor and it saves with low filesizes and many options. the best thing about the whole deal is that its completely free. yeah. thats right. you wont pay for anything and you’ll never have to you can download gifcam here, and if you want, you could reblog to spread the word about this awesome software I have been given unreasonable power i am too powerful now I need this. GIFCAM IS 100% SAFE AND FUN TO USE! IT’S A FANTASTIC TIME SAVER, TOO! That is the offical website. Don’t download gifcam anywhere else because copycats have been bundling up the program with backdoor Trojans. This happened a few years back on tumblr so please be careful.
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