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thetalee: askfordoodles: kindamindless: I laughed way too much that is the most cartoony wildlife footage ever captured. The fucking squirrel thing, though.
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rackhamrogue: Jack Rackham Appreciation Week: Most Memorable/Favorite Quote That’s enough. You, sit down. And the rest of you, please listen closely.
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mythos-theos: Badass Mythical Women and Creatures → The Morrígan In Irish Mythology, the Morrígan (“Great Queen” or “Phantom Queen”) is a triple goddess of war, fertility and strife. She is one of the Tuatha Dé Danann and is also seen with two other goddesses, Badb, Nemain, or Macha. She is associated with fate and sovereignty and is noted in her ability to choose those who die in battle. According to various legends, The Morrígan loved Cu Chulainn but he failed to recognized the feminine power of sovereignty that she offered to him, several times, and perished in battle. She has been compared to the Valkyries and the Norns of Norse Mythology. She is known under many guises, most notably the Washer (a woman who washes the clothes of those who will die in battle) and a hooded crow. She escorts the dead, as well as choosing who dies.
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