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dailyarianagifs: God is a Woman + Madonna’s Pulp Fiction Ezekiel 25:17 Speech + Breaking the Glass Ceiling
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popularcultures: Not everyone is going to agree with you, but that doesn’t mean I’m just going to shut up and sing my songs. I’m also going to be a human being who cares about other human beings. ARIANA GRANDE PHOTOGRAPHED BY ALEXI LUBOMIRSKI ELLE MAGAZINE, 2018
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emiliaupdated: (On the actors playing soldiers who were catcalling and whistling at her and Nathalie Emmanuel) So basically when the cameras weren’t rolling, I made sure that I individually eyeballed every single one of them until they realized that we were a force to be reckoned with. Just because we were girls didn’t mean that we couldn’t be badass. They underestimated the intensity and ferocity of a woman’s stare. – Emilia Clarke
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antonisporowskis: “The landscape feels endless, and I’ve found myself walking for hours without any true evidence of getting further down. But I’ve seen plants and colors out here that I’m not sure I’ve witnessed before. There’s a beauty in the strangest places – and the curiosity of what’s next continues to motivate me. I wonder who else is out here. If what I assumed inside is true, there’s got to be more like me. Sometimes I’ll feel a presence, or think I see something in my periphery, only to look up and see nothing. It’s just another thing that I’m afraid of that also excites me. It all just confirms all of the things that I hoped to be true for all of this time. I am out here and I am very alive. I’m sometimes scared, but always discovering something new, and I will not stop. Cover me!”
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