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chibigaia-art: My piece for the @komahinazine was a 4 pages comic! I’ve always wanted some kind of closure for the liar disease so :^) it’s set during sunrise because,, new beginnings,, Thank you so much for having me as part of this project! (Please don’t repost this!)
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fandom-queenliness: nobodyfamousposts: miraculouslysam: nobodyfamousposts: chibi-teaa: uhhhhh idk? i’m pretty gay for kagami too Is it bad that I want this? Not so much the Kagami stabbing Adrien part, but the Kagami deciding enough’s enough and just taking Marinette for herself because Adrien is just that painfully oblivious and both of the girls deserve better. Just imagine… Marinette: Is he going to be okay? Kagami: He’s merely stunned. He’ll be fine. Marinette: But that was…you just…why would you– Kagami: Would you like ice cream? Marinette: I…what? Kagami: We shall get ice cream. Marinette: …okay. But anyway, I love this, so here’s a little drabble for you, @nobodyfamousposts and OP ___________ “Change targets.” That’s what she’d told Adrien to do. Kagami had been so sure Marinette was stringing him along, from the second he’d started gushing about her after the Riposte incident. Boy, was she wrong. Having had more time to study her opponent, it had become painfully obvious to Kagami that, well, Marinette wasn’t actually her opponent after all. In fact, the more Kagami studied it all, the more she realized she’d had all the roles reversed. Marinette wasn’t her opponent for Adrien. No. Adrien was her opponent for Marinette. Her growing experience with Adrien had taught Kagami that the boy was hopelessly clueless about women. Ignoring the glaringly obvious fact that Marinette was deeply in love with him, pining after a girl who very clearly was not interested- Kagami still had not determined who that girl was, but she was tired of trying to give a shit- using Kagami herself because he was so desperate to have a woman’s love. Though, if she was being honest, Kagami faulted herself for accepting his rose when she should have recognized the signs of what was happening. Regardless, Kagami was done with being just another face in Adrien Agreste’s harem. How the blade had pressed through his protective gear was beyond her. She supposed seeing Marinette at the match had fueled her with rage. Sweet Marinette, who still was desperately in love with Adrien and blind to his errors. Marinette, who Kagami had watched long enough to recognize the signs of a disaster bi. Marinette, who became more and more appealing to Kagami every day. So when the blade pierced Adrien through the shoulder, Kagami couldn’t care less. He would live, and it wasn’t like he could press charges- her blade was completely within regulations and he voluntarily participated in the match. At the most, he would need an ace bandage, stitches, and a sling. Kagami was sure of it. With that assessment, she left her spear and walked away toward the crowd, unceremoniously discarding her helmet on the ground. Calmly, she picked up the smaller girl, easily lifting her over her shoulder and walking out the door. “Um… Kagami? Is Adrien going to be okay?” she heard Marinette ask. “Don’t worry,” Kagami replied. “Nothing a few stitches won’t fix. Anyway, we’re going to go get ice cream.” “But… why- why would you do something like that?” “No questions. We’re going to go get ice cream. I’m going to set you down now, and we’re going to walk there together while holding hands.” “… Alright.” As Kagami set the Marinette down and took her hand, she couldn’t help but notice the brilliant blush spreading across the girl’s cheeks. Things were already starting to look up. YES! Badass take-charge Kagami and flustered Marinette for the win! i mean, who wouldn’t want to get ice cream with Kagami? she’s Kagami Hi yes can I have uuuuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhh MORE OF THIS PLS AND THANK YOU
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solaris-interitus: HAPPY PRIDE MONTH EVERYBODY!! Don’t be a Transphobe, Aphobe, Biphobe, panphobe,etc… or gatekeeper this pride month or Reigen will personally come to throw salt in your eyes. Awwwwww YEA
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peachdeluxe: shadow’s little :3 smile, like if you agree I would die for this little boi even thou he can take care for himself
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mcpippins: Anonymous said: could you imagine that new pokemon getting a super doting trainer thinking it has successfully disguised as a pikachu, only to have its wooden tail fall off one day, poor thing would have a panic attack over if their trainer will still want them i bet okay arguably i got a little carried away BUT this idea was way too cute not to run with..! ;u; i had considered making a comic with a child, but then i thought mimikkyu’s “““tail”““““““ would be a perfect height for a walking stick - and it makes them more huggable anyway!! or at least, sylvester thinks so ^q^ Aww this is adorable
#pokemon #mimikkyu #cute shit
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plannedparenthood: We mourn. We remember. We stand with the LGBTQ community against hate and violence.
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gghero: (pictured: my redesign in the left, nessa’s original design on the right) man, i love nessa’s palette, her sandals (you thought crocs were bad???) and her hairstyle, but im not a fan of her attire. nintendo gives their dark skinned ladies minimal or sexualised clothing, especially in proportion/comparison to their white/pale skinned counterparts (if u gonna argue with me on twintelle bc she is “”covered up”””, just google her and tell me what kind of fanarts come up) As you can see in my redesign, the fact that she is a water type trainer is no excuse not to give her something that makes more sense. besides, i just feel like her canon outfit does not fit the whole soccer uniform aesthetic the gyms seem to have going on? im okay with the sandals tbh theyre so horribly cheesy they won my heart, but it simply does not feel as thought out as, say, milo’s uniform with all this in mind, i drew a little redesign taking into consideration how actual womens soccer uniform look like (spoiler alert: just like mens). To convey her water aesthetic, i simply gave her a wetsuit (with those gorgeous turquoise highlights) and she wears it under her clothes, so she always looks ready to go for a swim in galar’s colder waters. her shirt’s sleeves are rolled up, and the bottom is tied to show a little better her more spunky jock side. as a final touch, i edited her pokeball to be a dive ball, just like her in-game model. overall im pretty happy with my redesign. what do you guys think about it? reblogs are appreciated! clowns do not interact with this post or start shitty discourse, brain rot is nasty and i dont want that on my posts Nintendo get on this ASAP