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trainhardrunfast: shaniae: Reblog in 10 seconds and $1700 will come your way I have nothing to lose and 1700$ to gain
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leia-organa: Donald Glover on Lando being pansexual in Solo: A Star Wars Story
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aradeia: Near Minya, Egypt. Carpets line the way to a newly discovered tomb of mummies dating to the Greco-Roman period two thousand years ago.
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bloodytales: Rule says women must wear heels. No flats. Kristen Stewart takes off her heels in front of all the cameras and walks barefoot. The only way to kill sexist rules is to openly disobey them.
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artemlukyanenka: “It’s an amazing time when women are finding their voices.” (x)
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galpalkirk: Seen at Oscar Wilde’s grave in Paris (31 december 2017): Dearest Oscar and Robbie, This is the sign I carried in the same sex marriage rallies in Australia. I know you would think us all awfully conservative for wanting marriage so badly but it’s a legal recognition we need, an acceptance which most of us needed to hear. Thank you both for the courage and bravery you showed (and occasional stupidity) in your lives. You have inspired me, challenged me, transformed me. I am a different and better person because of you both and the legacy which you left. I love you. Forever and always. With all my best wishes for you and for the future. R.
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tio-trile: (If this doesn’t make any sense, “Karma’s a bitch” is the hot new meme on a Chinese app similar to where people go from “I just woke up” to “absolutely stunning slaying queen” with the transition of a throw of a towel, scarf etc. Don’t ask)
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