Hi there. I'm Elly, a fem loving poly femby from Hamilton, Aotearoa New Zealand. Vegan, anti-capitalist, too much of a misanthropist to be an anarchist. I'm 26, white, trans, feminine leaning non-binary, queer, most likely autistic, physically able.

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thefingerfuckingfemalefury: minerfromtarn: shinyhappygoth: positive-memes: Bee cute furry face “what an attractive bee” @thefingerfuckingfemalefury “Look at them! Look how good they are! CUDDLE THIS BEE”
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comedownstairsandsayhello: frecklesandink: momamiaaa: Jellyfish Lake in Palau. Apparently the jellies have lost their ability to sting because of lack of predators in the lake and you can swim with them! BUCKET LIST. WAIT BUT THAT’S NOT EVEN THE COOLEST PART: These jellyfish carry small populations of algae inside their bodies and derive much of their nutrition from the sugars that the algae produce. The jellyfish follow the sun across the lake each day and rotate continuously, so that the algae are always getting maximum sunlight exposure for photosynthesis. Then at night they dive to deeper parts of the lake so the algae can absorb nitrogen. It’s one of the best examples of endosymbiosis in action and it’s KICKASS.
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samanthaestherartwork: Honeycomb is Sweet for the Soul watercolor and ink
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katurzyna: moaka: chachipistachis: pantslesswrock: minstreloffire: little-black-bear: Did I ever mention I fucking love visual poetry? Because I fucking love visual poetry. THIS IS SO COOL wow is this ever relevant Took me a second. I love this so much. OMFG I FINALLY GET IT
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leftwingsolidarity: weavemama: anyway black women are having miscarriages in Flint and there has yet to be an outrage from the “pro-life” community I just want to reblog this post again because people really haven’t heard about this tragedy and it’s been going on without being resolved for 4 years and counting! THIS IS THE RESULTS OF THE NEOLIBERAL AGENDA THAT IS SUPPORTED BY THE ESTABLISHMENTS OF BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES!!!! The refusal by either Democrats or Republicans to invest in residential communities, especially communities of color, all across the country, from Flint Michigan, New Orleans Louisiana, the Catskills in upstate New York, to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, and many more communities. Until we organize to fight for our communities large or small, white or black, Christian or Islamic, poor or middle class, both Parties will continue to strip our nation’s public resources while cutting taxes on corporations and the super wealthy while dininvesting in our residential communities, defunding public schools, raising tuition costs for students at public colleges, privatizing what public services are left like Obama planned to do with the US Postal Service through his awful free trade deals, and all our communities will be left with poor healhcare, uneducated kids, and hollowed out communities with high property taxes and few if any public services. The only way to stop this trajectory is to reject establishment candidates, get involved by organizing your communities to fight against the strip mining of your neighborhoods, towns and cities, get involved in campaignls and vote in Democratic primaries to reject the “Centrist” (Neoliberal) candidates and help to elect REAL Progressive candidates that offer bold community based solutions that reject Austerity in favor of INVESTMENT. The only way to make change is to organize, mobilize and REMOVE the people in the Democratic Party who offer more of the same. Start local, and work you’re way up. Join the DSA chapter in your area if it has one and get involved even if you don’t consider yourself a Socialist. Another good one to join in some states is the Working Families Party that, like the DSA, works within and outside the Democratic Party to push it in a more Progressive and Social Democratic direction and has not only had some success in this, but has spread to new states the northern mid west in recent years. The Green Party is less effective since the 2000 election but on a local ballot can still be a viable Social Democratic party. And if you live in the Pacific Northwest, Socialist Alternative has shown not only that it can push issues and Dems to the Left, but that it can ACTUALLY elect a Socialist Candidate Kashama Sawant to the Seattle City Council where she pushed and got a $15 minimum wage for the City and has been surprisingly effective in that role. So options are out there. You CAN do something and make change! Get out there and educate yourself and your loved ones, organize, protest and VOTE!!!
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stimpoweredgiraffe: i was ranting about ableism on twitter and. i realize a lot of people genuinely do not know this and dont mean harm. so please know this and cause less harm. you will make my life and the life of other autistic people just a little bit better.
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foodffs: Flaky puff pastry is stuffed with a sweet and savory mixture of mushrooms, butternut squash, pecans and rice to make this mouth-watering vegan vegetable Wellington. This stunning holiday main dish that will please vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike! Follow for recipes Is this how you roll?
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