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kuroba101: iamthefiend: badgyal-k: My child the next day: (Personal portion of rant) Excuse the fuck out of me?!? Y'all can’t think like that. This is the kinda shit that pisses off the community when it comes to the BLM movement. This is the kinda shit that makes me, a volunteer firefighter, scared to wear my company shirts and blue informal uniform. My fire company just had a FULL MEMBERSHIP MEETING last night about us having targets painted on us and our brothers in blue. Yes, I know that this is how POC feel, but what gives you the RIGHT to generalize another group of humans and be disrepctful to them and their deaths? Me and my BROTHERS AND SISTERS. Does that make you any better? The 2 cops were KILLED because they were cops and you choose to make the situation about something else. Listen, I’m no bigot. I’m a firm believer that #blacklivesmatter and that #bluelivesmatter. (Transition into the part of rant that applies to everyone) Just as we hate how the #alllivesmatter takes away from the fact that we have to worry about those who are marginalized, we have to think the same way about when our officers are killed. “Yes all lives matter, but people seem to be forgetting about POC” (which I believe 100%) also rings true for cops. All lives matter, but a lot of people seem to be forgetting that cops are living beings with families and their lives matter too. Posting and saying things like this is proves exactly that. Things like this are disrepctful to those who were killed because they were generalized as those who kill people, when the more than likely werent. You are now choosing to put your stereotype and generalizations above the deaths of others. Please dont. (Back to personal to end this) I am, like I said before, a volunteer firefighter. I know almost all the cops in my town and some from the surrunding towns. Some fight fires with me. On the topic of those who are killed by police officers, not one of them said anything along the lines of “they probably deserved deserved it” or anything about their race having anything to do it. I’ve heard, just in the past week, “I hate when cases have to come to that,” “it makes me sad that the officer felt that endangered,“ “I hope nobody around here in our department thinks like those officers do,” and other things along the lines. Please be respectful. OK, but cops chose to be cops. They chose to join a corrupt, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, racist organisation. They chose to stand by and ignore systematic oppression. If they have a target on their backs, it’s one they painted themselves. To even imply this is equal to black people getting shot and choked and beaten in the streets, or even in their own home, is pathetic and cowardly. (If this is overstepping my bounds, please let me know) Ok, so, I don’t EVER post nowadays. I don’t even reblog stuff anymore, I just like random things as I scroll down my feed. But THIS right here justified a response. You really have overstepped your bounds. I am not an American, nor am I anything to do with any form of law enforcement, and yet it I still find it plain to see that you’re way off base. Cops didn’t choose their profession based on the fact it’s an oppressive organisation, the large majority of them joined the force to do some good in the world, often because of their experiences at the hand of crime at a young age, or perhaps because they are very passionate about their community. If everyone who made their decision to join based on what they think of the organisation as a whole, we would have no police officers. At least, none worth having. To suggest that all these officers “stand by and ignore oppression” is a very dangerous and ignorant assumption to make. A large majority of officers support black lives matter and have advocated for change. Many of them spend time observing their fellow officers and reporting those that they think are not fit for service. These people who decide to go into law enforcement deserve more respect than ever for putting themselves at such risk for the sake of us civilians at a time when the police are so hated and derided. Blue lives matter exists because people fundamentally misunderstand the cause behind black lives matter. Instead of working with the system to fix the problem, and blaming individuals instead of collectives, black lives matter is treated by some as a hate campaign towards the police. FIGHTING THE POLICE WILL ONLY ESCALATE THE CURRENT PROBLEMS IN THE US. Everyone in the USA is (to varying degrees) a victim of corruption from high up in the food chain, as well as some very questionable laws. Disrespecting the lives of officers who put their life on the line to fix what injustices they can is totally counterintuitive. They are victims too, and considering all the terrible things that have happened this year, we should all be paying respect to eachother and banding together no matter your race, religion, sexuality, gender, nationality, or indeed, profession. To say that honouring the good officers that respect the law is not as important or relevant than honouring the black victims of the officers that don’t is quite a disgusting sentiment. They are humans, whose lives have been lost. Whether it’s an innocent suffering at the hands of racism, or an officer dying whilst trying to protect and serve, it is your responsibility as a decent human being to look upon those groups with equal empathy. Black lives matter is important because the frequency of black people being victimised is atrocious. But blue lives matter is just as important now because of the hatred being cast upon cops across the entire nation. Just as the majority of black people are not criminals, the majority of police officers are not racists or bigots. For the most part, they are good people who do not deserve this increased risk to their lives on top of the risk they already undertook. Please think about what you’re saying before you post, especially when you’re weighing the lives and terrible deaths of one group above another. A mindset rooted in separating such large issues and putting one a rung lower does not lead us any closer towards solutions or unity.
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blanchedeneige: Before you say that these pictures are crappy or horrible, please take a minute to read this. My little brother (he´s 5 years old) drew them for me and they are one of the greatest gift I´ve ever got. A few weeks ago we watched some episodes of Tron:Uprising and he realized how much I love this show. So he decided to draw me some pictures. He built a little mailbox out of an old shoebox and put these pictures as a surprise into it. You can guess how happy I was, when I discovered the pictures. 1) This Beck fighting Clu, Dyson and some soldiers. 2) Mara´s head is a little too big, but she looks happy. :) 3) Paige´s hair got a little bit messy, but she has the right circuit color. :) 4) Group photo of Clu´s soldiers. 5) This is Tron. Tron has 2 discs. :D 6) Tron and Beck fighting Clu and Dyson. 7) And this one is my favourite. Beck is so tiny and looks kinda weird but I always have to laugh when I look at it. 8) And last but not least: the great Clu himself. This is what you get when you watch T:U with a child. :D I know, they only have heads, arms and legs, but that´s what makes them unique. They are cuttlefish, ok? :D I´m really happy to have a little brother who draws me some Uprising guys. :) This cheers me up evertime I´m sad.
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rockets: kaisergeyser: blakebellatuna: “There we were, a toddler asleep in the back of a wagon, and a stupid girl too exhausted to even cry for help.” Shout out to rockets for creating Yang’s gorgeous flashback scene :D I absolutely love how Yang tells her story while drawing on a chalkboard and then her memories have this chalky texture. OUR ART DIRECTOR, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. hehe thanks César
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