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paternal-instinct: My brother and I grew up knowing we were both gay. We’ve done petty sexual things here and there, like jerk off together and give each other handjobs. It was all harmless stuff; we didn’t do anything more probably because we felt like there was an invisible wall preventing us from getting more into it. As we got into our young adulthood, we stopped really playing with each other all together. It wasn’t until we were both out of the house that things got more involved. My boyfriend at the time was really into threesomes. Knowing that my brother was gay, he convinced me to invite him over for some threeway fun. It didn’t take my brother much convincing. Things were getting hot and steamy as my boyfriend worked on me and my brother separately. I tried to avoid my brother, knowing that it was wrong if I engaged with him, but at one point, I got a glimpse of my little brother sucking my boyfriend’s cock. Fuck, was it hot. My baby brother being the best cock sucker I’ve ever seen. Almost made my dick feel envious. My boyfriend noticed this and grabbed my brother cock right beneath me, “why don’t you help him out?” Something in me was trying to say no, but something more powerful had already taken my brothers dick in hand and had my head zeroing in on him. My brother watched as i broke the long standing invisible wall between us and wrapped my lips around his thick shaft. HM & Hunter 8=>~~ click (HM) will enter your dreams follow. ask. SUBMIT HERE. click (Hunter) will shred your seams follow. ask. SUBMIT HERE
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