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allbecauseoftheboys: melbournealpha: alphamalenyc: Knees wide and keep quiet faggot. When you realise what you are. What you’ve always been. Mark put a hand over his mouth. Didn’t want to wake up his roommate. But it wasn’t like he could control the noise! John was so hot! His dick was like a pulsating rod of iron! Every thrust made his body quake with the ripples of pleasure. “Oh god,” Mark groaned. John smacked his ass and and Mark clapped a hand over his mouth again. “Yeah take it faggot!” Faggot? John though. I’m not - oh my god I am a faggot! He realized. He loved a deep fucking by a hot guy who bossed him around. He loved being on his knees and feeling a man’s hand on his ass. He loved putting his ass up in the air for a man’s view. Fuuuck. Was this bad? Good? Bad? Good? The first thought that popped into Mark’s head - this meant he finally had an excuse to buy sexy underwear! Now he had an excuse to wear jockstraps and mesh briefs. No need to feel shame now. It would just please guys like John. Mark pushed his ass up in the air. “ggguuuhhh fuck me! Fuck me, god, fuck me John! Take me! Use me!” John growled. “Yeah, baby! Embrace your place, baby! But you’re being too loud. Can’t get interrupted.” He threw his jockstrap at Mark. “Put this in your mouth.” Mark did without question. He felt intoxicated with the smell. Fuck he loved men. Men and only men. Spread and serve forever. ________________ Captions are fictional. HM & Hunter 8=>~~ click (HM) will enter your dreams follow. click (Hunter) will shred your seams follow
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