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instructor144: londonandrews: Every time I mention my size (320lbs), I’m met with responses of: “You can’t be that size” “You don’t look that big” I am aware most people say this as a compliment …. but I do not find my size an insult? I am not ashamed of my weight I suppose the real issue, is that I am convinced that a lot of men do not know what “plus size” looks like. What happens most of the time, is that a guy come onto my page, compliments my photos, compliments my beauty, only to discover a few months later that I am a size 24 and I weigh 3x more than they do. But shit it’s too late, they already love the imagery…. so how do they settle this conflict?! “Well she can’t be 320lbs. She must stepped on the scale wrong. Misplaced a number somewhere. She meant 220lbs, obviously. Size 16 max.” Do you see why we need to challenge this thought that a size 24, or 32, can’t only be worthy of respect but beautiful too? You have to accept what you’ve been taught about size is wrong. You have to accept that I look like a size 24 but so does a woman with a bigger belly than me but smaller boobs. Or someone with bigger arms but a smaller stomach. You have to accept the line for body positivity doesn’t stop at a size 16 or at a 24 There is no size limit on body positivity. (at Castle Rock, Washington) London Andrews, ladies and gentlemen. This. Exactly this.