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absolutegibberish: arianwen44: Between work and other stuff I doodled a quick Taako, and I love it!!~ [image description: digital portrait of Taako Taaco, an elf wizard from The Adventure Zone podcast. He stands jauntily in profile, leaning against his Umbra Staff umbrella, staring off into the distance. The linework is colored in a single gradient, dark purple to light pink, and covered in bright yellow sparkles. Taako’s wizard hat is large and floppy, with a crescent moon charm affixed to the point. His hair is short and fluffy, and his pointed ear is clearly visible. His body is lanky, thin and angular, draped in a puffy longsleeve tunic and a sash about his waist. His long cape loops around his neck and appears almost scarf-like despite billowing out behind him. He wears boots, which come up to his knees, but the Umbra Staff umbrella is too short to reach them, floating in midair as it supports Taako’s weight. end description.]
#Taako #The Adventure Zone #TAZ: Balance #fanart
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dramatic-audio: honestlysarcastic: listening to this scene sent shivers down my spine… the adventure zone really did that huh [ID: art of Johann and the Voidfish from The Adventure Zone Balance. Johann is a lean, dark-skinned elf man wearing a blue and white suit. He is playing a violin with his eyes closed and a serene expression on his face. Behind him floats the Voidfish, a huge purple jellyfish with speckles in it resembling stars. The Voidfish floats above and behind Johann, some of its tendrils moving around him. They both stand in a blue oval background. Text on the bottom reads, “There’s magic in a bard’s song. They call it inspiration.” End ID]
#The Adventure Zone #Johann #Voidfish
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myrcella: and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. William Hartnell (David Bradley) sees the future of Doctor Who in Matt Smith 🌟 [Image Description: A series of 4 gifs/images of two iterations of the Doctor from the TV show Doctor Who with text quoting the show. The first one portrays the First Doctor wearing a black jacket, white scarf and black hat facing the camera with an almost weary expression with the text “One day I shall come back”. The second one portrays the both the First and Eleventh Doctors. The First Doctor is on the left, back to the camera, facing the Eleventh Doctor, who is standing in front of the Tardis console wearing a suit, jacket, and bow tie with a look of slight shock and awe. The text reads “Yes, I shall come back”. The third one focuses back on the First Doctor, in which he begins to smile with contentment, with text that reads “Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties”. The fourth one uses a similar camera angle to the second one, though the sole focus in on the Eleventh Doctor only. The Eleventh Doctor is smiling back at the First Doctor, also with contentment, and a hint of pride. The text reads “Just go forward with all your beliefs”. The full quote, including the text on the images and the finish in the Original Poster’s description reads as follows: “One day I shall come back. Yes, I shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxieties. Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me I am not mistaken in mine.” End ID]
#doctor who #the doctor #first doctor #eleventh doctor #gif #image #image description
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atticcreationz: [Image description: This piece depicts the mysterious Garfield the Deals Warlock, or perhaps one of his minions/coworkers. He is humanoid and standing in the centre of a magic circle, suspended in a dark blue space. The lines of the magic circle create a giant d20, glowing yellow against the blue darkness. We cannot make out much of his features, he has his back to us and is shrouded in darkness. What we can see is that he is looking over his shoulder towards us, his glasses glinting menacingly. He wears a bright red apron that is unaffected by the darkness, and he is holding one hand out as if casting a spell. Suspended above his hand are two floating tickets. Above all of this is the caption “where all your dreams come true…” stylized to look like the Costco logo. End description.]
#Garfield the Deals Warlock #The Adventure Zone #Balance #taz
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keplercryptids: gladejade: Practicing my backgrounds with the Cryptonomica [image description: a grayscale drawing of the interior of the Cryptonomica. On the far wall, there’s a map, a mothman poster, a bulletin board covered in papers, a sign that says “Cryptonomica” and a mounted skull with antlers hanging. There are lots of cases on either side of the image and against the far wall filled with half-melted candles, fossils, a skull, shelves of books, lots of vials and other random objects. On display on the side of the case closest to the viewer, there are several issues of the Lamp Lighter, a flyer advertising Tuesday Night Dead movie nights, and three bumper stickers: one that says Keep Kepler Weird, one of a winged creature that says Mothman, and one that says “Where the Heck is the Cryptonomica?”]
#The Adventure Zone #Amnesty #taz #The Cryptonomica
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keplercryptids: defenestratin: and then she just disappears for like a couple of seconds and when she reappears she is wiping a tear from her eye, and she says, [image description: a drawing of Merle, Magnus and Taako from behind, their arms around each other. The background is pale yellow and they’re illuminated from the front. “You’re going to be amazing” is written in the middle of the image.]
#The Adventure Zone #Balance #taz #Taako #Merle #Magnus
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keplercryptids: sketchingtons: The Amazing Ango McDango! [image description: a drawing of Angus against a white background. He’s a skinny dark-complexioned boy with textured dark hair and large yellow glasses. He’s wearing a green sweater vest over a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a red bowtie, green capris and red converse sneakers. He has a huge smile on his face with his eyes closed, and he’s using a wand to cast a spiral of yellow and orange smoke around himself.]
#Angus #The Adventure Zone #Balance #taz #fanart
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apricot-studies: dedalvs: incidentalcomics: How to Finish I drew this poster for Jon Acuff and his FINISH book tour. Big thanks to Jon for this collaboration, his book has some great ideas about how to complete creative and life goals. Love this, but reblogging it specifically for “Get rid of secret rules.” That’s one of the most amazing illustrations—and points—I’ve ever seen. so important especially for perfectionists who procrastinate and never finish, or even start because they set such high standards for themselves.
#do the thing #and finish it #reminders
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keplercryptids: romaheroic: Oh how badly I want Lup to use the gauntlet…. [image description: a drawing of Lup, a thin elf with brown skin and blonde hair. She’s wearing a baggy red cardigan, cropped black top, red skirt with a slit up the side and thigh-high black boots. She’s wearing a silver gauntlet on one hand, and that arm is stretched out to the side as a large flame is conjured.]
#Lup #The Adventure Zone #Balance #taz #fanart
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queerpunklily: lord-bilingual: avi, klaarg and the voidfish tarots EDIT: added julia, isaak and angus! (thb and more here) [image: six digitally drawn tarot cards featuring characters from the adventure zone. avi holding a lever as the magician; klarg wearing a crown, some human skulls, and holding a cup of tea looking silly as the emperor; the voidfish, an amorphous blob with many eyes in a tank, as the high priestess; julia clutching her head as raven’s roost crashes down around her as the tower; isaak hanging upside down in the mine, holding his journal, as the hanged man; angus holding a wand from which emanates a burst of light and inspecting a blood spatter as the star]
#The Adventure Zone #taz #image #fanart #not mine #TAZ: Balance
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queerpunklily: lord-bilingual: tarot card doodles! EDIT: added june, lucretia and roswell! [image: six digital art tarot cards featuring characters from the adventure zone. flirty-skirted taako setting out at the top of a cliff as the fool; a big burly magnus holding a snarling dog as strength; peaceful-looking merle holding a book amongst sunflowers as the sun; young june with the cup as the empress; lucretia half in light and half in shadow, looking severe and holding a pitchfork, as the moon; and roswell (both the bird and the suit of armor) looking strong in the sunlight as judgement]
#the adventure zone #taz #image #fanart #not mine #TAZ: Balance
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gufus-stuff-blog: gufu-vire: Tinuviel! She is a royal prat, but she is good at “sneak stabby”. Hit me up If you want to commission me for your character. My art blog: @gufu-vire.
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gufus-stuff-blog: gufu-vire: Little Satyr dude I decided that I will fine tune this style for illustration. That being said, if anyone has scenes from stories/movies/comics they want illustrated, click on that there ask box, or message me on my @gufu-vire account!
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freakxwannaxbe: That scene in Mulan where all the ancestors are arguing about whose fault it was that Mulan ran off to join the army except with all the Force ghosts arguing about Ben Solo. This is the greatest thing I have ever drawn I am so proud
#Star Wars #Mulan #not mine