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trulyunderstandablyconfused: insanelyadd: Hope tumblr isn’t terrible and this displays properly. So like. Papyrus probably does most of the cleaning in the skelebros house but personally, I don’t see how anyone could enjoy cleaning unless they do it like a weirdo. And since Papyrus can fly, I imagine vacuuming can be way more fun. So majestic. Truly the most elusive of cleaning skills! Yes good.
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My sewing machine needs someone to take a look at it (both of them actually) so I did a little bit of sewing with something I was confident would hold well as a hand stitch. The glove itself I bought from Savers, but the yellow trim is what I attached. It’s attached mainly with velcro so I can reuse the glove when I make the components for my underfell Papyrus cosplay. :>
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insanelyadd: The Papyrus Chat is 2 years old today (June 14th)! So I drew a baby Pap to celebrate. :>
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Fun fact: I’m making a Papyrus cosplay. A major and important part of it is engineering a sewing pattern that will give me reasonably spherical pauldrons. The design I have made so far looks good on paper, (heh) and will probably look better when made with fabric and stuffed with polyfil and stuffing I bought literally over a decade ago (for stuffed animal repair when I was 10).
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Apparently, I did not inflict the chaotic evil of my first ever Jerry drawing on you guys. So here it is. Basically, I thought of how Jerry is the only character in Undertale drawn with really pronounced lips, and because I am the absolute worst I drew its nose and mouth in the style of Steven Universe and because it looked so much like a specific character I made the abominable GIF you see above you. I am terrible. :>
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Decided to draw a Papyrus in close to your style to help motivate me with my to-do list ^^ Nice, this actually gave me the idea for a GIF I put too much effort into. I tried to attach the GIF to this post but tumblr is made of garbage, so I’ll post it separately.
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oiralinsanity: The Skeleton vs The Demon SkeleChara is preparing to defend against what looks to be a demonic human version of themselves, yet the Demon is reluctant. Demonic Lord Chara is from my headcannon of Chara being a child of Zalgo, a Creepypasta Demon (Because they have a lot of similarities). SkeleChara belongs to @insanelyadd Z-Demon (Zalgo Demon) Chara belongs to me Undertale belongs to Toby Fox Also, Demonic Chara knows that both skeletons and themselves are strong, so a skeleton version of themself would be tough to handle. Especially if they’re of the genocidal kind. Ooh, neato! That’s really interesting! Love it.
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ask-dr-terminal-gaster-archived: i’ve been following this blog for awail and i love their work so i decided todo a comic dub based on comic they have made! the orginal artist of this comic is @insanelyadd here is the dub i made! both papyrus and the human are voiced by me! let me know if i should take this down or not i hope you like the dub! Ooh, this is wonderful! Thank you so much for dubbing it.
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