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thelibrarbian: I recently rediscovered @insanelyadd‘s fantastic Skelechara comic, and I absolutely adore their precious little Charakterny!! I had sketched this out a while ago, but only got around to finalizing it today. It’s technically still autumn here, so I’ll say it’s still in time for the season xD SkeleChara / Charakterny belongs to @insanelyadd OH MY GOD THIS IS FANTASTIC! THANK YOU, IT’S SO CUTE.
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A few days late of the day itself but here we finally have a Halloween special for SkeleChara. Papyrus texted Sans and let him know to get something to cheer Chara up when they got home. Also, Papyrus is already figuring out how to collect every illegal thing the people in the house have done to turn it into the police/spread around flyers to the neighbors. He won’t commit murder but he will legally destroy their lives. Read from the Beginning Previous Page
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31 Doodles of Halloween Year 5 | Day 31 | Family Picture Last picture for the month! Sorry it’s a bit late, wasn’t able to finish it before I had to go to the annual Halloween party. I drew Jack and Sally’s four or five skeleton children. Do you see what I did there? Hope you all liked these pictures for the month. :>
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31 Doodles of Halloween Year 5 | Day 30 | Sally for Disney Princess It’s transparent but there’s nothing in the BG. ANYWAYS. Sally is great and kind of underappreciated and it always kind of annoys me when people do those “top ten ladies who should be considered Disney Princesses” lists because she’s always excluded??? I don’t get if it’s because the people making the lists don’t know about the epilogue that implies she got married to Jack (who is, as you all know, Pumpkin King) which I suppose would make her a queen but y’know there are official Disney Princesses who aren’t even princesses. Point of all this being that I want Sally to be the Halloween princess in the lineup, give me a monster girl princess, Disney. Oh heck I’m rambling. Anyways, here’s a drawing of Sally in that Pumpkin Queen dress I made for her (it’s from a dream I had where she was wearing it) to promote the idea that Sally should at least get more recognition, this is the hill I die on.
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31 Doodles of Halloween Year 5 | Day 29 | This Is Halloween Whenever I think of Halloween I think of my grandma Sandy. Every year she would deck her house out in so many Halloween decorations, she had a skeleton in a cage that would tell people to let him out, a skeleton in stocks that would wiggle around and sing Shout, cackling witches, a bunch of carved pumpkins, and she would always have some kind of costume. She’s one of the reasons I love Halloween so much. So I drew her for today.
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31 Doodles of Halloween Year 5 | Day 27 | Oogie Boogie’s Song Tried to invoke the blacklight imagery I always think of when I hear his song and I included my favorite lyrics from this song because they’re true. Every single time you listen to this song it could be the last, simply because you may not watch the movie for year and years. The line is comfortably existential for me, a person who far too easily experiences existential dread and terror at the mere thought of. Nope. Not falling into the trap of thinking about existential stuff. Hope you all like the picture. :>
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