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hurrgantu: i love @ruthfigueroa19 au so much i’ve collected more over the course of weeks
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voretiger: 6thhouse: i love this pic of a bear i googled ‘bears’ the other day and saved it and i cant stop looking at it. those ears! that puff! its the perfect bear!
#perfect bear
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infernalentity: Today is the only day you can share this meme. Precisely 2000 years prior to March 6th 4017. The day Squidward trapped himself in the freezer. March 6th 2017.
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alphaflyer: audreysparkle: pr1nceshawn: Life With Cats. Adorable little assholes This puts absolutely nothing into perspective, but that’s not a Bad Thing. My neighborhood cat has a twin, and I completely never noticed, until one of them crossed the street and got into a fight with the other while trying to climb the fence.