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ginger-tea-leaves: asjdhsjdn i finally learned how to draw them acceptably also why the fuck is the quality so bad i spent way too much fucking time making sure to avoid it uhhubjnelasdkn based off of this (which is based off this) @incorrect-rottmnt-quotes
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natssketches: been trying to get these up for days thanks tumblr it’s not in my tastes that Goofy would know too much about Donald and LP’s relationship, he could probably make a pretty good guess about it, but Donald wouldn’t wanna talk about it, and Goofy’s fine with that ‘cause as we know he is chill as fuck. (couldn’t resist drawing that last piece though) catching up with Goof Troop again was a trip down emotional lane, and I just don’t have the stamina to be drawing five kids on adventures but it was so much fun thinking about them
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grawly: grawly: Hello Gamers me and some friends made a game in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 42 where you’re an aspiring young prodigy who has just too many trophies. Check It Out Here! It’s like five minutes long but I feel its worth it. hello i make video Game
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