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fairygodrobot: taakoshell: fairygodrobot: the wildest part about this meme is that the kid in blue is a young griffin mcelroy he WHAT you heard me
#holy shit
Posted: 25.8 hours ago
13lilies: thinking about the girl who was abused so much by her former caretaker that she turned invisible(!), so moomin-mamma took her in + the moomins treated her with so much love and compassion that she slowly became visible again. In Tuulikkis copy of “The invisible child”, Tove wrote: “Thank you for making me stop being invisible”
#my lesbians.... i love them #moomin
Posted: 26.4 hours ago
salamispots: “Here…maybe the stars will help slow it down,” said the wolf.
Posted: 32.3 hours ago
erikkwakkel: Medieval smiley face This is a true feel-good doodle, drawn by a medieval reader and found in the lower margin of a 13th-century page. The surprisingly modern-looking smiley face is wearing glasses and seems to float towards the text in a balloon, quite content. This little scene made my day. Pic: Conches, Bibliothèque municipale, MS 7 (main text 13th century, doodle 14th or 15th century). More medieval doodles in this Tumblr.
#happiness #history
Posted: 38.8 hours ago
ein-bleistift-und-radiergummi: Vintage Packaging Lovelids Eyeshadow - Menley Love 70’s Makeup
Posted: 40.5 hours ago
callingoutofcontext: The Death of Head and Leg Marisol (Marisol Escobar) Etching 1969, printed 1973