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into-the-spiderverse: twinklecupcake: puppetmaster55: biscuit-thebloggingpastry: winterswake: SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE (2018) ALL THE FUCKING DETAILS IN THIS SHOT. Whrn the group moves to the left, Gwen is the one who takes her eyes off him to make sure the group roubds the corner. Miles turns his head both times, but not only is he the center of the group, but his leg is one of the few things keeping Peni suspended meaning he needs to pay the most attention to the wall. Noir and Spidey both keep their eyes completely on chair-guy on the first pass. Noir only looking away when they go back for a split second to confirm where they are going, before snapping back to the “threat”. Spidey however, doesnt look away, which leads to his feet dangling in the air while they round the corner. And of course Porker is a cartoon and bound to his own Roger Rabbit logic as he squeezes behind them without disturbing them. It May seem silly to point this stuff out, but it informs so much about the individual characters, and really needs to be appreciated ot terms of great animation techniques. This is also the best shot for showing off the different art designs ie. Noires filter over his image, the cartoon nature of Ham, and even small details in the difference between Gwen and the other two mainline spideys. IT’S SO GOOD. One detail I love is Peni. Like, she’s up there too, and out of all of them she’s the one who technically doesn’t have any of the spider powers necessary to stick to the walls. So how is she staying up there? Miles and Gwen. Look at how they’re both positioned: Miles keeps his right leg angled so that Peni has a sort of perch to keep her legs against, even while they’re on the move, while her upper body is being held in place by Gwen’s left hand (Gwen’s entire left arm isn’t visible in the movements, compared to how we see everyone else’s arms). Peni is being carefully held in place by Miles and Gwen, and I love that detail. Peni also shifts her eyes to look the direction they’re moving the second time. Just for one second, then she focus on Ganke again. Even though she’s not doing any moving herself, she too pays attention to the wall. Also the animators of this scene pointed out they specifically shoved them all together like this to make a shape that’s akin to a spider; they even tried to make out all the limbs of the spider during this animation!
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klexquisite: sheholdsyoucaptivated: “MY ARROGANCE KNOWS NO BOUNDS AND I WILL MAKE NO PEACE TODAY, AND YOU SHOULD BE SO LUCKY TO FIND A WOMAN LIKE ME” | Jenny Holzer, “Projections” Important note : this is a projection by artist Jenny Holzer, but the text comes from a poem by Arab American writer Mohja Kahf, ’Ishtar Awakens in Chicago’. Holzer used Kahf’s work with her full agreement, I believe they’ve collaborated several times, but please check out the full context of the poem below. My arrogance knows no bounds And I will make no peace today And you shall be so lucky To find a woman like me Today neither will the East claim me nor the West admit me Today my belly is a well wherein serpents are coiled ready to poison the world, and you should be so lucky. All I have is my arrogance I will teach it to lean back and smoke a cigarette in your faces, and you should be so lucky No I will make no peace even though my hands are empty I will talk as big as I please I will be all or nothing And I will jump before the heavy trucks And I will saw off my leg at the thigh before I bend one womanly knee I am poison And you will drink me And you should be so lucky.
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solar-fem: swtdgirl: education: (Source) ”When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Do not go over your vineyard a second time or pick up the grapes that have fallen. Leave them for the poor and the alien. I am the LORD your God….” — Leviticus 19:9-10 I know farmers that do this, I used to live in an area where fruit trees grew, on the road we lived, the trees on the edge by the road were always left for the neighbors and travelers to pick, and when my mom taught me how to make jam, we went to buy peaches from the neighbors stand, when he found out why, he refused to sell, but invited us to pick the freshly fallen fruit from his orchard, to take as much as we wanted by the bucket load so it was not wasted and make a mess he had to clean up, as he couldn’t sell the ground fallen fruit for health inspector reasons. We made loads and shared it with our neighbors. Without capitalism, humans are naturally inclined to share with and care for others. There’s more than enough to go around as long as people aren’t greedy.
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daggers-drawn: audacityinblack: daggers-drawn: audacityinblack: daggers-drawn: Yes this is Catholic anti-trans propaganda, but it’s also the lyrics to my new hardcore punk song. And that’s the new symbol for gender nihilism. I think we should use the biohazard symbol instead of the radiation hazard one: It’s cooler and more fitting. Good point. There we go! ^^
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kingantlion: smallest-feeblest-boggart: ego-ann-16: phantoms-lair: ankaa-avarshina: lorem64: ankaa-avarshina: lorem64: I’m so confused why he would think cookie dough would give him salmonella??? What parent told him this. There’s no chicken in there! Two words: Raw eggs. ?? What kind of world do you live in where Raw eggs carry salmonella or are in anyway unsafe Don’t ask me, ask them Americans. I’m an Asian just passing the word on *deep breath* Though the risk is small, raw eggs can carry samonella. MORE THREATENINGLY Raw wheat can carry E. Coli. However, if you don’t mind making your own cookie dough, you can easily make it safely. Take your standard recipe. Omit the eggs. Eggs serve as a binding agent to hold the cookie together. Since we’re eating the dough raw, that’s not needed. Take the flour, put it in a pan and bake it at 350 for 7 minutes. Any E. Coli is now dead. Just mix the rest of the ingredients together as the recipe is called for and BAM, perfectly safe edible cookie dough. Thank u so fucking much for this wisdom wait you’re telling my i can get E, Coli just FROM EATING FLOUR straight from the bag??? Why..why are you eating flour straight from the bag?
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sticksandspells: I absolutely couldn’t resist drawing all of the new starter Pokemon. Sobble needs to be protected at all costs. Grookey has won my heart with that little face. And Scorbunny looks like a brat and I love him for it.
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enderman: genquerdeer: Hey, guess what, I have a BETTER ANSWER The answer in question? Zach Barth. Zachary Barth is an indie game genius, and creator of plenty of amazing and original games that take a unique, ‘problem-solving’ approach to puzzle games. His games are usually distinguished by not having single set solution, despite being puzzle games - in fact, you can come up with better solutions that the creator has intended, and even compete with people online in seeing who finds the most efficient solutions. His company’s (Zachtronics) probably best-known game is SpaceChem, but it is notable that some of his latest games bridge the gap between ‘puzzle games’ and ‘gamified engineering’, containing elements of microchip design and coding in Assembly language. So what does this guy have to do with Minecraft? Well, once upon a time - long before anyone dreamed of Minecraft, before Zach was an indie star, he created a small game called Infinifrag. It was a simple multiplayer shooter, but with a twist - players could build blocks to use as cover - making it probably the first ever ‘block game’. Eventually, the game concept evolved - it turned out that players liked building much more than simple combat, so around 2008 Zach made a new game, more focused on these aspects - Infiniminer. The players needed to mine resources to build structures, while there was also combat. You will notice that the pixel art aesthetic and all major mechanics of what would become Minecraft were already there. A lot more was planned for it, like different biomes (co-developers mention forests and volcaones etc). And then… the source code leaked. For an online-focused game, especially a small one, this was a death sentence - this meant that people could cheat with impunity, however they wanted. Zach basically gave up on the game. Enter… Markus Persson. Markuss Person is a very average indie dev. If you look at the games he made, you will find that he has very few original ideas - most of his output is clones or remixes of other games - including his own, as he made several demakes of Minecraft. Outside that, his “4k” games, Infinite Mario Bros… He’s not the most original person around, suffice to say. Unsurprisingly, his love for remaking other people’s games with either lowered or increased scopes showed up again - he decided that since Zach Barth gave up on Infiniminer, it’d be alright to code a clone of it from scratch. He called the new game “Minecraft”. And the rest is history. In summary: Zachary Barth is the real creator of the ‘block game’ genre, and the ideas behind Minecraft. All Notch did was simply copy them. not to mention all of the good features in minecraft for the past 5+ years have all been from the other developers at mojang and not notch
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m4ge: Green bricks are positive experiences with alcohol while the red bricks are negative experiences with alcohol