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alicemarsmann: Finally managed to finish my double page spread of Izuku Midoriya “Deku.” (My art please do not repost without my permission) Link to my Instagram where I originally posted it : https://www.instagram.com/p/BghSArRF_NF/
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colemanengle: GUESS WE CAN PUT UP PAGES NOW!!! Here are the kids meeting m'dude ELFANGOR :,) Even though I didn’t get the job, I can’t WAIT for an Animorphs comic!!! The books meant a lot to me growing up, and it’ll be amazing to see the comics inspire a new crop of kids to make their own stories!!!
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bigmeansweatydyke: striders: staff i am BEGGING you to let me reblog this fucking ad “my 7th kickstarter”
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the-punning-ubus: metaphoricalicecream: what-the-fuck-is-anime: Oh you think this is funny? You think this is a joke? Funny fucker huh? Humor? This is humorous to you? You think this is a game? え?楽しそうか?冗談だと思う?ゲームだと思う?こいつ、バカだね?笑うな!楽しそうとゆうな!「ネル」じゃないぞ! additionally: raglan t-shirt polo shirt dress shirt cut and sew flannel shirt collared shirt t-shirt sweater and the one I’ve somehow seen in at least 5 different doujinshis for some reason: sheets [images from https://twitter.com/daurunnpappa/status/807726985698889728] A-are you telling me the person who make this manga and show have a running joke about, drawing izuku in only t-shirts while having the shirt say what he’s actually wearing? or just a running joke about izukus terrible fashion choices in t-shirts that have the names of other clothing types on it
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gaysquaredwrites: sarahbennet: ishipitlikeups: ipomoeaj: adamazur: “Victorian Velociraptor with Violets.” Acrylic and liquid gold leaf on Rives BFK. Made by Adam Mazur. “MOTHER WHY HASN’T THE DUKE CALLED AGAIN?” Someone painted this. Someone out there sat down and said that they were going to paint this. Somebody planned this out and then did it. What a time to be alive. I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FUCKING THING FOR MONTHS “With violets” this dinosaur is clearly sapphic so I think they’re actually expecting a call from the duchess, thank you very much
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harunnn: CLICK ON THE IMAGES FOR FULLVIEW ! ! @izuqu wrote some hilarious headcanons about class 1A and 1B and the beautiful friendship that Kiri shares with Tetsu that I absolutely came to love. I drew this particular scene ———> TO DECK’S POST
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xpsychohogx: theguineapig3: Ojisama to Neko: “I’m right here.” [Original comic can be found on Twitter HERE] I went ahead and put the translation on the original comic, just because it’s good practice for me as I work on my own comics and art. It forces me to study how professional artists do their lettering and how they structure their text to fit with the action. I feel like I’m learning something, at least. Someday I aspire to pack as much cuteness into a page as Sakurai-sensei does. PLEASE SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST ON TWITTER AND PIXIV.
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