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thankgoodnessforme: cardozzza: lightnjoynstuff: oakydokey: honeygoblin: Little is known about the origins of this practice, although there is some unfounded speculation that it is loosely derived from or perhaps inspired by ancient Aegean notions about bees’ ability to bridge the natural world with the afterlife. #me shoving my head into a beehive: yall would not fuckin BELIEVE the day i’ve had @cardozzza I love the mental image that tag creates The bees when you give them the tea:
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yourgoat: wahoorat: just me and an old buddy :] i thought this was an oil painting
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aegiskitty: coatntails: muirin007: aegiskitty: hi yes hello my friend made me a DINO FOSSIL BIRTHDAY CAKE that I had to excavate and this is the greatest? thing? ever? OKAY BUT LISTEN She SCULTPED DINOSAUR SKELETONS and rocks out of fondant (she even added texture and shading) layered the cake into sediment deposits and filled the top with cake “dirt” so @aegiskitty could excavate the skull with a brush. This is next-level baking, people. This friend is a true friend. Never let this one go. She is a shining, pun-fueled light in this cruel and unforgiving world and I do not intend to.
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jedavu: Gifs Show How Mushrooms Grow Mushrooms are fast-growing organisms that quickly pop up after the rain. These mesmerizing time-lapse gifs record the mushroom buds bursting through the soil and elegantly expanding their caps.