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strawberrhe: splend-42: zdelta-xray-delta: strangesigils: eternallyhungry-phan: eternallyhungry-phan: weirdseaotter: beeblebrox-writes: viatae: hopesdayydream: hey uh? i dont really know if this is real but im? kinda both scared and disgusted rn? even if you’re not muslim if you could spread this? i dont know how many muslim followers i have but, please, stay safe? please spread this and please stay safe. every single one of my followers should reblog this. Keep your brothers and sisters safe. DUDE WTH what the frick is this real according to the internet this is a real thing in the UK. thats messed up. stay safe I just looked it up and for real people are getting these letters all over the UK. Please be safe if youre muslim, if youre not muslim please look out for and protect the muslim people around you, theres some seriously sick people out there that may very well act on this. What the actual fuck. Please stay safe everyone Rushed to snopes, hoping to find it’s a hoax - doesn’t seem to be, and it’s reported on The Independent and on Sky News and on The Guardian. Stay safe, everyone. Fucking disgusting
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