Obsessed with Banana Fish someone pls help me it's fucking killing me. She/Her. Pansexual. Also a feminist. 

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itmaybedullbutimdetermined: did-you-kno: Before this, historians could only link 22 of the presidents to King John. Professional genealogists had only traced the male family lines, but BridgeAnne was able to link all but one of the presidents together using both male and female ancestry. She’s not in 7th grade anymore, but now she has her own website. Source this just in: professional genealogists fundamentally misunderstand parentage, completely and totally ignore women, are schooled by 13yo girl
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mystyque01: mystyque01: gahdamnpunk: Y’ALL!! Good idea! Spread the word! Help people in shelters also. ❤️ Cuz a lot of people are trying to return to work or clothe their kids. Also consider donating to a needy family at your kids’ school (etc.).
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jlassijlali: why no one talk how Cammie just apologise if she think she offend anyone with her comment!. she has pure heart and kind soul
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sikephoenix: Happy Valentines Day !!!! Heres the goofy Asheiji Banana Fish “comic” I promised to a few friends!! I felt like this was totally something these two knuckleheads would do. I hope everyone has an amazing day ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡ Song: Scales and Fishnails : Alekas Attic
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rwby-analysis: Forest animations in Volume 1, Volume 3, Volume 4, Volume 5 and Volume 6. It’s easy to spot a difference between V1 and the rest, but this is a good example to see how they’re constantly improving the quality of the animation, because even though V4 looked great, you can definitely see a difference when looking at V5 and V6.