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kamicokrolockportfolio: Hamilton in Uniform 11x15 pastel, 2017. Alexander Hamilton after that marble bust Eliza loved. as much as I love that bust too its a bit creepy without any color so this is my answer. I also smudged my pastels this time (as apposed to just rendering) and I think I may be missing a finger print.
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Posted: 728.7 hours ago
rossdraws: Drawing D.Va for this week’s upcoming video! Hugely requested character and surprised I haven’t drawn her yet. Here’s a Summer Casual version of D.va 🌤️
#overwatch #art
Posted: 730.5 hours ago
ellenstudies: 05.06.18 was feeling unmotivated and in a funk yesterday so made some vegan brownies! today had two as my breakfast (oops) with tea while I read the Iliad. the right is a picture I took a couple weeks ago in the pantheon in paris. hope you all can treat yo self today!
Posted: 1165.4 hours ago
mohtivations: [10/10/18] 0.64 i love min yoongi. thank you for coming to my ted talk currently listening to: seesaw - bts
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rennybu: a bath isn’t complete without essential oils, rose petals, and wings!! “you can’t keep doing this” his husband says, on his honest to god last legs. kai can’t hear him. he’s slapping bonus victory pose: levity aside imagine the sonic experience of hearing a…… 13ft wingspan just absolutely slapping some water
Posted: 1340.8 hours ago
bujoknight: - ̗̀ may ~ week 18 ̖́- old school tattoos inspired spread ig: bujoknight