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jimmy594: fleekedfreak: lee-has-tats: bicuriousmeme92: sparkie-gal: lazonearth: beckyrivers29: averageguy76: so-hip-it-hurtz: time4us2play: acurlygirlamy: brodydangeldorpher: theropegeek: all text and layout by me and to clarify: i’m well aware that the women of tumblr are more than capable of speaking for themselves. my hope was merely to take what I understand about their plight, and present it in a concise/humorous fashion with the hope of getting that message to more people. -RG ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ ☝️THIS IS FUCKIN BRILLIANT ☝️ ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ Awesome post!! 😄 👍👍👍👍😎 😂👍👏 So damn true!!! Always be a gentleman before a freak. 😂😂😂😂👌 love it!! But this is also true if you turn the table… - beckyrivers29 💋 @sparkie-gal saw this and thought you’d appreciate it :) Fucking. This!!!! I wish I could put it on Instagram!! Tumblr for me isn’t so bad but holy fuck the stupidity (cock pics) and poutiness I get from guys on IG almost turns me off posting altogether. Guys - read it, then read it again, and tomorrow read it a third time to make sure you understand it. OMG!!! It should be a requirement for guys to read this to have an active account on here… You know they won’t listen. Fuckin weirdos smh This advice is amazing 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 good stuff
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