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characterdesignreferences: Art by Anne-clotilde Jammes‎ January’s Theme: #Bikers Presented by CDQ Magazine Discover the artists of the Character Design Challenge community and the current Theme of the Month in our Facebook Group! And when you repost your design on our Patreon page, you can also win awesome prizes every month and choose the future themes! RULES | WINNERS | MAGAZINE | BOOKS
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sketcholivia: Part 1 of my tutorial on facial diversity. Look for part 2 in a couple weeks! The photos are used purely for educational purposes. All the rest of the art was created by me.
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lorna-ka: friendly-neighborhood-patriarch: mrkenyon: why-i-love-comics: Groot #6 (2015) written by Jeff Loveness art by Brian Kesinger I did not ask for tears this morning. holy hell Groot Backstory And now I’m crying.
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La última lo prometo, solo quería darle un acabado más profesional aún así creo que le falta pero ya es hora del siguiente proyecto #isometricart #isometric #isometrico #arteisometrico #heyarnold #oyearnold #illustrator #Nick #nickelodeon @nickanimation @craigbartlett did I miss anything? It’s the best I could do from the pictures I found, hope you like it!
#isometric #arteisometrico #isometrico #nickelodeon #heyarnold #nick #isometricart #illustrator #oyearnold