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timetraveldean: Nathan For You - Looking For Frances
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chizuu: here’s a big, lengthy tutorial on how i color my artwork! i’ve gotten some very kind compliments on how i color stuff, and i wanted to share my knowledge for anyone who’d like to try out my methods as well! this isn’t exactly a professional-level course, but it’s a good look at how i work with color in my art! i hope it can help you all out!
#victoria this is so cool and helpful #reference #color ref
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nucleosynthetic: virovac: powersnail: nflstreet: they lock tom brady in a room and only let him out to do football Or he could just be an introvert. I’ve only had a strawberry once, and am not interested in recreational stimulants. im sorry i keep reblogging this over and over but i have been thinking about this comment all day
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starwolfen: putting my digital imaging class to good use from this post
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lawful-evil-novelist: talkgentlytome: Tag yourself I’m the “Overdressed and Underappreciated”. Artist : http://www.mattadrian.com/ This is the same guy that does the guide to troubled birds.
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otahkoapisiakii: !!!IMPORTANT FOR BLACK US VOTERS!!! I saw this on Facebook and went to check my registration status, sure it was fine because I voted recently, but I put in the info and it said I’m not registered PLEASE, especially if you’re a Black voter, check your registration status at vote.org