<p>~ Trigger Warning ~ </p><p>This is my (unhealthy) weightloss blog. I don't support ed’s, they are one of the worst things anyone could ever go through and are not something that should be glorified. This blog is for my personal use as an outlet and for personal motivation. Feel free to send me questions or anything else! </p><p>Height: 5’7”</p><p>UGW: 113 lbs (for now)</p><p>Current GW: 140 lbs</p>

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andapandaposts: eyelashetc: My 26 calorie vegan lunch! ⋆ shirataki noodles (10 calories, 200g) ⋆ spring onion (6 calories, 20g) ⋆ soy sauce (10 calories, 1tbsp) I rinsed the noodles really well. Put into a non stick frying pan with the soy sauce, added the onions, and stir fried for maybe 10 minutes, so the noodles dry out a little. That’s all! I live in Japan so these types of noodles are easy to find but I am pretty sure they are available as “weight loss noodles” or “zero calorie noodles” overseas. Check the refrigerator section. Thank you! 🥀
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leannenaidoo: My commitment to my weight loss, starts now.
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miss-asuka: queerheretic: 7481: Listen everyone!!! Look what I’ve found: source As I suspected some anti-feminism and racist asshole took this picture about feminism and turned it into some racist bullshit. That woman on these pictures only contributed to the “Why I need feminism” signs and now we have this picture of her with a racist sign. spread this correction like wildfire. O
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I GOT IT Y’AAAAALLLLLL and you better believe that after the day I had yesterday eating over 2,000 cals, I’m gonna be on here for a while Edit: Ended up doing an hour, went sixteen miles and burned 368 calories. I’m hoping to find the energy and motivation to possibly go for another 30-60 minutes later, but if I don’t I will be exercising all day tomorrow and it will be alright.
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