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dijetedrago: sunshineovertherains: chandelyer: Poem Bangkok fall/winter 2019 “Eternity In An Hour” I’m so sad that OP cut the model face out. Because she’s so beautiful and the most important thing is SHE IS A TRANSWOMAN AND I REALLY LOVE HER JUST LOOK AT HER FACE I LOVE HER SO FUCKING MUCH!!!! her name is Treechada Petcharat also known as Poyd (her instagram)
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sheisraging: “At some point, you’re tiptoeing around people or are trying to be someone you think people want you to be. In reality, it’s your own authentic self who’s going to be ‘the one.’” - Dan Levy, Out Magazine
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quiteliterallyhotsauce: This is a nice tweet.
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gaygothur: whatdidyoucallme: mazrimtaim: gaygothur: I’m having one of the best tinder convos I’ve ever had He’s not even a little suspicious? You know… There’s a such thing as people being healthy… And taking care of themselves.. and avoiding harmful habits… Yeah, that’s what this is about
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notch0607: ISN’T THIS THE
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oak23: oak23: that’s gay Fellas is it gay to make a silicon muscle doll whose clothes rip off if he flexes