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salamispots: working on merm roughs so have a process gif of the nurseshark merm
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sih: markv5: Какой чудесный день, какой чудесный я!… What a beautiful day, what a beautiful me!…
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firebirdeternal: skyao-skyao: Way more accurate D&D Alignments This is absolutely the alternate alignment spectrum used by some players
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17kindsofawesome: They made you / they made me too Quiet, like you / violent, like you Hadrian, the Sword of Samothes, and Prince Ephrim, His Silver Hand.
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witchycomic: Chapter 5, Page 33 Thanks for your patience with this page everyone! Bad brain day + complicated page is not a good combination, i don’t advise it. site | new readers | twitter | follow | ask Witchy chapter one AND TWO are now available in written transcript form for the visually impaired and other disabled folks! Huge thanks to @cynthxli for volunteering to transcribe Witchy. Read Here word of mouth is witchy’s only form of advertising, so if you can, please reblog!
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n-oy-a: nikk-mayson: Today’s adventure This is wholesome
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sicklydoodles: ⚔️🍞💚 GREY AND GREEN 💚🍞⚔️ Follow the adventures of Umbra, a half-orc ranger who logs her adventure through diary entries to her mother, dealing with identity, family, friends, and bread. Enjoy! Buy the comic here!
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a-destiny-forged: The Kickstarter campaign for A Destiny Forged: Adventurers Anthology art book launches in 5 DAYS! Lovers of dragons, elves, magic, sword fights, dungeons, and adventure, please consider supporting us come August 18th! Our book will have over 80 pages of full color fantasy illustrations by the most talented artists from around the world! This will be one of the most diverse collections of fantasy art on Kickstarter! $25 will get you the physical copy of the book, and we also have extras! Take a look at some of the goodies you can get depending on your pledge! And here’s a sneak preview of our pledge tiers! Thanks for taking a look, and if you’re just as excited about this project as we are, consider sharing this post!
#im in this one! it was fun as hell to work on and everyone's pieces are rad as hell! #check it out when the kickstarter launches!!