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stridead: xlittleblackheartx: myrandomthoughtsofrandomness: sixpenceee: Females in Dhaka are guarded by teenage students after several girls were raped by officials of the Bangladeshi government for protesting against dangerous roads. THIS! This is how change is made. Us women can only do so much, and have done alot, but real change with violence against women starts with the men and their attitude towards women. This is a perfect example. It’s a huge step in the right direction. ✊ Why is this not in the news. because the news stations’ communications are being blocked so that it cant reach international audiences as well as 3g/4g connections being disabled entirely as of saturday night in an effort to halt communications between protestors and outsiders
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sean-de-brun: Amazing artwork by Dmitry Grozov, aka Ahriman who takes scenes from films and turns them into anime from the 80’s and 90’s. Here is his Instagram and Artstation page if you want to see more.
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