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bailesu: oldschoolfrp: Red Francis’ voice is hoarse from years of shouting over the waves (Jennell Jaquays, from “Old Sea Dog” by Thomas M Kane, Dungeon # 23, TSR, May/June 1990) My immediate thought - Pirate Uhura. She just had to one-up Sulu…
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greenjacketwhitehatdocmui: A piece done by Musetap Studios, this shows Elsa from Frozen and Steve Rogers from Captain America taking a break from it all. Given the…vociferous activity on Twitter last year concerning these two, I thought that it might be good to see them relax and unplug. And yes, Elsa’s book does say “Ship of Fools.” It was the artist’s idea, not mine. As always, this is the low-res version with a watermark of the artist’s website. –Doc
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