im mitch and i love orc women with all my heart

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deerlordhunter: The full image for my live stream banner!! All the boys from Queer Eye as DnD job classes. Bobby the Wizard, Tan the Warlock, Jonathan the Rogue, Karamo the Paladin, and Antoni the Bard. :> patreon • twitter • tumblr • instagram • deviantart • shop
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boxodice: Dragon Hoard- Apollo. She’s a tricky one who doesn’t like being near the populace, She has a heart of gold and a flare for magic.
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may12324: My buff orc wife Killian. Sitting pose references from this. I know I;ve been kind of dead on here lately, I’ve been working on assignments, commissions, and Sydney Supanova stuff. So many things. In between all of that, I’ve also found time to listen to TAZ, and I love it so much (its so good to listen to when colouring stuff and such). Anyway, you’re all super nice, and I don’t know how to draw crossbows.
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thriftedrose: these stairs lead to nowhere but they were still cool
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parmachkais: new alignment chart that god shoved into my brain right before I passed out from my cold meds
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sticksandsharks: The Great Djaolang design from scrapped book/zine project
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childrenofdune: Jake Parker: “Paul Atreides in his more formal Caladan attire. I’m currently on vacation and reading an old 1977 paperback copy of DUNE. This is just a quick take on what I think Paul might look like. Expect a stillsuit design soon.”