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scentedcherry: so-discreetly-sympathetic: …. gurl. @ryutolbx
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lokgifsandmusings: dxddyhaught: NICKELODEON DID THAT BITCH 👏👏👏 We in the gay looby have been appeased I feel like Nick doesn’t get to be all, “Yeah we did that” after they treated Korra like shit
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thecharactercomma: “To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the music the words make.” – Truman Capote More Writing Quotes
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ninjanaomi: otherwindow: otherwindow: Iconic seafarer beards became a trend to scare away pesky mermaids. Mermaid, seeing a bald pirate: Zero threat…! Mermaid, seeing a hairy, bearded pirate: If I get too close their face tentacles will eat me…! Most mermaids only grow short beards as not to scare baby mermaids (longer beards look like the tentacled mouths of hungry squids and octopuses). Pirates use this innate fear to their advantage to protect themselves from mermaids, hence the iconic beards and hat: I like how this is presented as factual information
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gay-hopeless-romantic: The U.S. in a gif series.
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marzipanandminutiae: A. imagine your otp B. dear gods this country has massive issues
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konjakonjak: ICONOCLASTS is now available on PC and Playstation 4/Vita!! $20, 20€, £18, JP¥2000 (NA Playstation a bit later today) I hope you enjoy my mix of things I’ve loved as a youngster, coming together in this narrative-driven action adventure game! Love y'all.
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cremsie: A small personal comic I’ve been working on about art and perspective. With a example I often use when my friends talk to me about being tired of their own art. Support on Patreon for future comics