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nprfreshair: RIP David Bowie David Bowie On The Ziggy Stardust Years: ‘We Were Creating The 21st Century In 1971’ Here’s an excerpt of his 2002 Fresh Air interview: On why he never wore T-shirts and jeans onstage “I never believed it. It always felt like you were trying too hard to look like the audience or something. That whole thing about the artistic integrity, which of course I’ve never bought into, with any artist, it’s just not a real thing. … I didn’t say that wearing a glamorization of the rock artist was any truer. … It’s all artifice. I think my main point is that the T-shirt and denims thing, in my mind, was also an artifice. I didn’t feel comfortable in that, because I didn’t feel like one of the working men. I mean, I could never be a blue collar-y kind of Springsteen-y type artist because I don’t believe I am that, and I don’t believe I could ever represent that, and it is merely representation.”
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