Hello i post stupid shit, Which is to say i don't post stupid shit all the time, But i generally post stupid shit. (as in my post's are stupid shit other people make better post's than me).

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toujours-fidele: phlying-squirrel: silenthilllz: glitchednova: whats-left-of-the-assassins: abbythecatlover: chubbymon: portentouscatastrophe: lastglimpsetheatre: dolphinhats: alicexz: toothyhalcyon: Welcome to Tumblr. Holy shit this is the most accurate post I have ever seen in my life wait…this is a completely different gif set on my blog… Reblog this and then check it on your Tumblr. Go on, do it. Yes. What? How? O_O IT KNOWS WHAT FANDOMS YOUR IN holy shit I’m trying this oh i feel like im looking at a relic Does it actually work? Because i doubt it OMFG IT’S DIFFERENT Let’s see
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paradoxlands: jadedresearcher: yesterdaysprint: Daily Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon, March 31, 1956 Well, I can’t claim that my easter eggs are full of soap….. But I wonder if the NPC Shenanigans update going onto main despite only being 75% (needs more NPC tasks and a new Reckoning) done has anything to do with this??? It sure is weird that it’s going now though, isn’t it? Isn’t Easter not for at least another few hours in New Zealand yet? It’s almost like….its….timed….. Huh… I wonder…
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angel-baez: kamen-apple-kinkshaming: hurgler: ubercream: eleftheriatic: TODAY IT’S A GREAT DAY BECAUSE IT’S MARCH 15th THE DAY WHEN DENZEL CROCKER LOST HIS HAPPINESS AND IT’S ALSO ANNOY SQUIDWARD DAY It’s also the day Marty McFly’s dad is murdered in the bad timeline wow this is just a bad date in fiction It’s the fucking Ides of March people. Todays the day Julius Caesar was stabbed like 23 times GIVE IT UP FOR DAY 15
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shsl-bodyguard: noodle-dragon: the-philosophers-bone: acabosetotal: harukami: gothiccharmschool: seananmcguire: kanayahavethisdance: Fuck I’m at a fencing tournament and literally a minute after I reblogged this my dad told me that he talked to the point people and I’m probably going to win a medal. BURN BAGEL BURN OH WHY NOT? I need to follow up to say I reblogged this last night, and this morning I got some of the best news of my life, like, a life dream come true news thing. Bagel what are your powers FUCK, I though it was just another lucky meme but LISTEN. Since a week ago I was waiting a phone call to confirm me if I got a job or not in my university. I reblogged this yesterday’s night “just for fun and because I don’t want any bagel to be mad with me”, and today’s afternoon, while I was losing my time as always, the professor I was supposed to work with called me and asked me for my personal information to start working with her. THE BAGEL POWERS ARE WAY TOO MUCH FOR THIS WORLD I GOT A JOB THE DAY AFTER MY QUEUE POSTED THIS THE FIRST TIME AND I JUST REALIZED IT WHEN I SAW IT AGAIN HOLY GOD The bagel hasn’t let me down yet! You will never burn the bagels!
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infernalentity: Today is the only day you can share this meme. Precisely 2000 years prior to March 6th 4017. The day Squidward trapped himself in the freezer. March 6th 2017.
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lynnora-v: tyrianprinceofrage: striderbutt: spinals: Industrial designer Andrew Kim has created a new Coke bottle concept that could significantly change the sodamaker’s footprint. For every 4 bottles currently shipped, the square bottle design could ship 6. This means every shipping container could hold 4,000 more bottles of Coke. Kim also considered that Americans use 2 million plastic bottles every 5 minutes, so he made the bottle itself green. It is 100% plant based, made entirely from sugar cane byproducts. Which is amusing since Coke hasn’t been made from sugar since 1985 (via Jerry James Stone) this looks so fucking cool please use this design BITTE!! ;^; I’m gonna be real here. I’m actually excited to see these designs and have great desire to see it in reality. Why? It looks futuristic and appeasing to the eyes. The bottles has changed before, it can change now. I’m all in favor of having new bottles like this.
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aidadoesdoodles: billshitposts: ghara2: lily-d247: afatblackfairy: sniggadoodles: lisa-beignet: theincognegra: This is the money Patrick. Reblog so money will come your way “I’m getting back in line.” OKAY but i just reblogged this last night and guess what i got today from my workplace’s self-audit! THANK YOU PATRICK FOR FREE MONEY BLESS ME PATRICK PATRICK I HAVE NEVER STRAYED YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVED YOU @billshitposts *rolls sleeves* aight dude lets get me some money Can i just *Gets in line*…there Eh why not?