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holiday party at chicago’s field museum [12.21.18] featuring: the african crested porcupine, pale-throated three-toe sloth, sue the tyrannosaurus rex, the shoebill stork, the andean cock-of-the-rock, and the dodo bird.
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tobias (”toby lou”) was my sister’s dog, but he was also our family dog. he just passed away 2 days ago. he was always a pleasure to be around and will be greatly missed. [2004-2018] 🌹
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old drawings of cats, for some local zine in chicago (and it was about cats the musical?) and i never saw cats the musical but was asked to draw characters from it. i remember reading character bios before drawing, but could not tell you which these were based off of. ~2015
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little bear costume sketch, from long ago. 🐻 bic ink.
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the front of my apartment building, featuring my 2 bedroom windows in the front facing apartment. probably from the 1920s? good sunlight.