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finchworks: *soft gasp* yeeess I love Hanzo dipping McCree~ Day 1! I’ve just realized that NaNoDraMo is already taken (national novel drafting month I think?) so now I don’t know what to call my November art adventure. ._. ;; there’s NaNoManGo but that’s mostly for comics… I shall think on this and tag it later, lmao.
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tracer-isms: channydraws: michaeltheshitposter: aw3zom3zauc3: zipscribs: zipscribs: zipscribs: zipscribs: a comic about someone who gets a visit from the reaper a bit sooner than expected, but has someone whos been waiting for them Hey, do you like my art? Help support me and buy me a coffee! ❤️ “What happens when someone dies, but they have no one there waiting for them yet?” you are never truly alone ;A; 👏THE👏REAPER👏DID👏NOTHING👏WRONG👏 @long-hair-tol-azzy-boi ;-; This is incredible
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