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logoffprotest: The Log Off Protest is officially OVER! But we’re not done yet! Wave 2 of the protest will pick up before the end of the year - this time with mass emails, tweets, and negative reviews of the app/website. There is no defined date yet, so make sure to follow this blog and the Twitter page ( @logoffprotest ) for updates. Just Wave 1 on its own was a success - dropping Verizon’s stock. Imaging what Wave 2 would do? Or even Wave 3 - a longer protest?! Thank you all so much - from the bottom of my heart. Without you guys protesting, this would have not happened. Tumblr wouldn’t have heard our voices and the world wouldn’t know we do not tolerate the targetting of content creators and sex workers. So thank you. Really. Let’s continue making this community better - together.
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penfairy: reblog if u support him
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rei-pinto: rei-pinto: Since both Mob Psycho 100 and the Grinch are being talked about, have this image i madetwo years ago, I call it the Grimple (Grinch Dimple) You FOOLS….. your comments only made him stronger!!!!
#noooooo!!! #bad!! #mp100 #mob psycho 100
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ao3tagoftheday: dbdspirit: The Official “Log Off” Protest F.A.Q! The “Log Off” protest is in response to the recent NSFW ban announced by Tumblr. The ban flags all content the filtering system detects as NSFW, reducing visibility to the community. The system has proven time and time again that is inefficient, oftentimes flagging SFW material as NSFW. This SFW material includes art, memes and so on. This ban directly hurts the community and will not solve the actual problems at hand due to the poor flagging system. Because of this, the entire community will suffer. So to respond, I propose that every user on Tumblr logs off of Tumblr for 24 hours on December 17th at 12 am EST. Times are listed above depending on timezone! This post responds to some very common questions about the protest. So make sure to read it over! How to Export Your Blog: https://tumblr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360005118894-Export-your-blog Alternative Sites: Pillowfort Mastodan Wordpress Twitter There is also an official Tumblr blog (ironic, huh?) and Twitter for the protest! It’s at: Twitter - https://twitter.com/logoffprotest Tumblr - https://logoffprotest.tumblr.com/ There will be official updates on each account. Make sure to tag us in any posts, or use the hashtag #logoff2018 ! Thanks for your support guys. Let’s fight to make Tumblr better. Actually better. Hey y'all! For those who’ve been asking, this is the info about what this blog is doing on the 17th. I hope y'all will join me.