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sandflakedraws: Suddenly, looking at the scene in front of him, Reigen understood why Mob had always been afraid of what he kept locked inside. If Reigen had ever had the fraction of the power he had claimed to possess, the world around him in would have been destroyed the moment he had seen the blood matted in Mob’s hair. Reigen reached out shaking hands, through the pressure, through the sharp gravel that cut at his arms. He stepped forward. drafts for a comic that mindgames beat me out of finishing. BUT. you guys can have them here. however, if you’re fond of stinging eyes and hurting in your hurt box, you can read the finished thing by @ruemilly right here
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anyeka: for the anon that wanted more head angles. It’s not explained well, I apologize for that but maybe this will help a little bit.
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coping-skill-toolkit: During my first month with my therapist, I was given this worksheet to read and work on. She noticed that while I was talking with her, that my thoughts followed a lot of these. I wasn’t aware that my anxiety had brought me down paths of low self-worth and stinky thinking. After a couple of weeks of talking with her, she gave me this worksheet to work on. While, at first, I thought these weren’t going to work out, I was very surprised to see just how easy they were to use . My homework at that time was to identify which sort of thinking I used on the regular and which ones would best challenge them for me. So, what do you think? Do any of the maladaptive thinking patterns sound like you? which ways would you like to untwist your thinking?
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