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kidgecat: raejin99: chanel-boots: blastingradio: Now that is some vintage sports goth This ad is very ominous and threatening. Are you fucking kidding me
Posted: 43.8 hours ago
nyam: Panel redraw from Reigen ch.2! (In which Serizawa becomes a Dad)
Posted: 44.4 hours ago
un-insecurity-council: un-insecurity-council: snoopingasusualisee: weirdchristmas: This is straight up terrifying. I swear for the life of me I can’t find him in the second one. But I feel he’s there, I just feel it So a thing you can do in this situation is go into Photoshop and have it live compare two images. Example: Top Layer was the original, second layer was the one in question, and third is them subtracted and you can see his shirt pop out against the black. But this one… Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Those two images are EXACTLY the same but I can feel him there. He’s got to be there
#but... but it emits the do it to them aura... #how can this be possible...
Posted: 46.3 hours ago
arst: drawings i did for “float - mob psycho 100 fanzine”. i saw people uploaded theirs so i think it’s ok to post now! thanks again to @bigumbrella for inviting me! go check nin’s art!!!
#ohhhh good art #mp100 #mob psycho 100