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snotprince: FINALLY DONE!! Original @dreamdaddygame print that I’m going to be selling at Fan Expo next week @ table A37!! I was heavily influenced by JC Leyendecker (it’s actually kinda funny because every time I search up Joseph Christiansen, Leyendecker always shows up because their names are so similar LOL). This piece was mostly supposed to look like a formal photoshoot where they’re all posing in fancy suits. I also wanted to make each dad show their personality in this!! Idk if I actually succeeded. This print was good practice because I felt like I really improved in painting faces of different ethnicities with varying facial features. Which is usually not the case when I paint anime characters because they usually have the same type of nose LOL. Anyway I actually spent so long on this I’m gonna sell this for $20!! And when I sell it my signature thing won’t be there I only put it to prevent art thieves. I might put it in my online store in September depending on if there’s extras or demand for it. Thanks! You can follow updates on my store here http://snotprince.tictail.com/ Edit: tags aren’t working again for me :((( so reblogs appreciated thanks!
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