Posted: 9157.8 hours ago
skribblie: preservedcucumbers: A thread on Twitter this morning. Guys, don’t pirate comics. Please. Comics is a very small (mostly) creator run industry, so when you scan or torrent a comic, you’re directly hurting the creators. Even if you pirate comics from major publishers, you’re really only denying the creators of their income. Artists/writers who work on comics make next to nothing. It’s commonplace in the comics industry for the people that make them to be constantly struggling to make ends meet. Just buy a book here and there. Support a Patreon. If you like the work, support it. We work very long hours to make the content you’re enjoying. We would like to not have to worry about how we’re going to buy food while we do it. Don’t ever encourage others to just ‘read a comic’ online if you have the chance to buy the original. When I was at a con I saw my favorite online comic artist and it made me so sad to see how empty his stall was. I didn’t have much money so I bought a poster from him and encouraged/bribed my friend in buying his comic. He was so happy he gave me a free pin! (this is the artist btw) Don’t ever think ‘someone else will do it’. BE that person! Help your fellow favorite artists :) you can afford it, even if a little. Show them how much you love their work
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