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taztrailer: choybok: The Adventure Zone: Balance Trailer (watch here) (credits here) Thanks for making these awesome gifs! 1. Enter the THB! Animator: @itsleahelaine Color: @thirdchildart Effects: @lane-garrison 2. BOB! Full Shot: @thirdchildart 3. PttM! Full Shot: @thirdchildart 4. Hey Thug! Animator/Cleanup: @itsleahelaine Color: @kipskiff 5. Garyl! Animator: @bananimator Cleanup/Color/Effects: @thirdchildart 6. Paloma’s! Animator: @rustnut Cleanup: @taylorkramos Color: @paticmak Lighting/FX: @thirdchildart 7. Nooooooo… Animator/Cleanup: @itsleahelaine Color: @insertdisc5 8. God Lied. Animator: @rustnut Cleanup: @itsleahelaine Color: @starprophecy141 Effects: @thirdchildart 9. Refuge! Full Shot: @thirdchildart 10. Well… Animator/Cleanup: @itsleahelaine Color/Effects: @thirdchildart BACKGROUNDS: 2, 9 Lineart: @wyaldling 5. Animated: @bananimator All Else: @thirdchildart
#i still love this trailer like crazy #taz #the adventure zone #taz balance #the adventure zone balance
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