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aniki-kamina: tiergan-vashir: tiergan-vashir: Anti-trans activists caused a transgender children’s charity - Mermaids - to have part of it’s lottery funding suspended. In response, Youtuber HBomberGuy decided to do a non-stop playthrough of Donkey King 64 until getting to 101% completion while donating any money raised to Mermaids. Highlights: John Romero jumped on the stream and shouted “TRANS RIGHTS” which caused donations to go wild. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Cher retweeted the stream. AOC seems to have joined the Discord for the stream. AOC TALKED ON DISCORD IN THE STREAM. She was amazing and so eloquent. “fuck terfs gang” getting spammed in chat is cleansing my pores. Further Update: Neil Gaiman retweeted. Also, they reached $222,222 while HBomberGuy was taking a #2. Another Update: Matt Mercer retweeted. The chat also just helped pay for a disabled trans person’s wheelchair enough that they could basically buy two wheelchairs. Hidetaka Swery just boosted the stream
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reverseracism: kropotkindersurprise: January 20 2017 - Alt-right leader/fascist Richard Spencer gets punched in the face at Trump’s inauguration in Washington DC. [video] Happy Anniversary!
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urfavsleepybitchdisease: you have sleepy bitch disease requested by anon
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eschergirls: Really cool tutorial about drawing (and how not to draw) East Asian eyes from @_ket2 on Twitter that I thought people would find useful! I really appreciate it as an East Asian person myself, and often frustrated by some of the uniform ways we’re represented in illustrations (reposted with permission).
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