Posted: 6758.6 hours ago
slangwang: EB: take care of them these past three years of being a part of such a loving, accepting, hilarious and insanely intelligent community have been an absolutely life-changing experience. i am continuously inspired by the content this community is giving and has given in the past. we have seen so many talented artists come and go, and so many of them have touched the lives and brought laughter and happiness to so so many people. granted the homestuck fandom is not quite as thriving as it was back in its hayday, it still holds a very, very, very special place in my heart. and even though it hurts knowing that this is the last “real” 4/13, and that everything must come to an end at some point, i am confident that this community will continue to inspire people with more brilliant artwork, music and cosplay well after the comic is finished. knowing that homestuck is ending very soon is kind of surreal, but i think im more accepting of the end than i’ve ever been. i am so excited to start a new journey with joey and her friends, and i hope that you guys are too! happy 4/13, and thank you all so so so much for one of the most wonderful, thrilling and fun-loving three years of my life. (thank you too, andrew!)
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